A Vegetarian’s Guide To Lucknow

A Vegetarian’s Guide To Lucknow
Lucknow is a gastronomic affair, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If you thought Lucknow was only for meat eaters, you can’t be more wrong

Simrran Gill
October 01 , 2019
11 Min Read

The Mughal architecture still rules the city of Lucknow. And equally influences the eating habits and flavours. The meals mostly weighing heavier on the non vegetarian is a delight for meat lovers. Apart from the Mughal architecture the city of Nawabs, is also famous for its kebabs and well cooked meat. However, it is not as disappointing as it made to seem for the vegetarians either. If you plan to visit Lucknow anytime soon here is our pick of places where you should head to:

ROYAL CAFÉ, Hazratganj

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Hazratganj has a lot to offer, right from itar shops to a wide variety of kurtas. However, it is not here where you’ll see the crowds. The one place where you’ll see a lineup of people belonging to all age groups is the Royal Café. Right from street food to a full dine in menu, Royal Café has it all and none of it is disappointing. We suggest that you choose from their chaat menu (cherished immensely by the locals) and definitely try their basket chaat (which is their specialty). A burst of flavours with copious amount of our favourite chutneys the basket chaat will fill your stomach but not your heart.


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The aroma in the entire Lucknow city is that of slow, well cooked meals. And we aren’t complaining! Similar is the case when you cross one of the most loved places in the city, Dastarkhwan. Everything on their menu is lip smacking, right from the shahi tukda to their biryani. However, we suggest that you do not miss their Mughalai paneer and the Mughalai parantha. Apart from serving one of the best galawati kebabs, Dastarkhwan has been in Lal Bagh serving all its customers delightfully and not disappointing anyone irrespective of their food preferences.

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Tucked away along a line of other shops in Sadar Bazaar, Chhapanbhog is a wave of nostalgia for all those who have stayed here. Their vibrant display of sweets, arranged neatly is the trigger for anybody who has a sweet tooth. In their chaat section we suggest you try their tangy matar ki chaat. The familiar taste of lemon takes a while to be realized but an array of flavours has already made its way to your heart by then. We also suggest that you do not miss their aloo tikki. The fresh hot pipping tikki and all hearty flavours make it stand out for us. You should also save some space for their mind blowing desserts. We pick the jalebi (perfectly crunch and gooey) and the rasmalai (so soft that it’ll melt in your mouth).


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A typical North Indian style dining in Gomti Nagar, Baati Chokha is known for its unique (read not-so-Lucknow) cuisine. It is one of the pure vegetarian restaurants as against the presumed culture. However, the food here is cherished by all alike. We suggest you try their khichda, churma, and the thali. Apart from their signature baati chokha, everything on their menu tempts you to order more and try more. Don’t let the appearance of the restaurant fool you for all their food is cooked with the right amount of spices and effort. After your meal we also suggest to indulge in the kheer because it never disappoints anyone. Only after you have it you’ll realize how much you needed it.

While one might not find a whole lot of vegetarian variety at Chowk, but you should definitely explore the other parts of the city and who knows what you might discover eventually!

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