Entertainment Extravaganza: Pop Culture Tours For Every Fan

Entertainment Extravaganza: Pop Culture Tours For Every Fan
As pop culture tourism rises, find one for your favourite movies and shows Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Is your favourite tv-show, movie or book on the list?

Sahana Iyer
September 27 , 2019
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The rise of media seems never-ending with increasing platforms and mediums. With sheer quantity comes incredible influence and it would not be wrong to say that entertainment now controls our lives. In fact, even our travel. Pop culture tourism is turning the heels of the travel industry slowly, with people actively visiting filming locations and entertainment inspired attractions. Well, if you are a part of any of these following fandoms, you might want to search for a tour immediately.

 Popular F.R.I.E.N.D.S hangout: Central Perk



They’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour). And now you can be there for them too. 25 golden years of the show have been watched and rewatched countless times, garnering an astounding fanbase. Well, now this fanbase has a chance to live the F.R.I.E.N.D.S life for a few days with the upcoming Thanksgiving tour by Warner Bros. studios. You can now dance around at the fountain from the opening credits and even chill out at the famous Central Perk. Post the sight-seeing, a warm Friends themed dinner welcomes you. Who knows? Maybe you can finally taste Ross’ Moistmaker sandwich.

 Highclere castle, the setting of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

A historical period drama that was watched in 12 hour binges, Downton Abbey has built a strong fanbase over the last 9 years, as well as a positive repertoire with the critics. The elaborate story, costumes and characters have kept people deeply invested for nearly a decade. While you may not be able to travel back in time, you can have your moment at the show by renting out a room at the Highclere Castle shown in the series. Throughout the month of November, this castle will offer to rent its 300 rooms. You can enjoy dinner, drinking in the salon and even check out the library. 

 The memorialized gardens in the song

The Beatles

Let me take you down, cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields. There is no way to read the lines without a tune in your mind. Iconic is an understatement when it comes to The Beatles share in the music industry. Millions of fans, sprawling over continuing generations recently flocked at Abbey road for the 50 year anniversary of the band. But now, the gardens memorialized by the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ has finally thrown the gates open to the public. Now you can stroll around in the garden where John Lennon spent his childhood, climbing walls and enjoying summer parties.

 Game of thrones has built an enormous fan base in the past few years

Game of Thrones

While the 8th season may have upset a lot of the viewers, but Game of Thrones’ incredible fanbase is addicted to the show otherwise.too. To participate with the fictional settings in real life, you can visit various tours help in the shooting places, Croatia and Ireland. Viator offers three hour walking tours in Dubrovnik and leads people to popular Game of Thrones locations where King’s landing scenes where shot and where the Battle of the Blackwater was shot, amongst others.

 Star Wars filming location in Tunisia

Star Wars

Star Wars is nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon. The franchise has some of the most loyal fans any entertainment franchise has seen. As a fan, you can indulge in various tours of Tunisia that offer a glimpse of where the franchise was shot. Start at the Tunis/Djerba island and then explore locations such as Ajim, Cantina (location for Millennium Falcon blast off), and even Obi-Wan Kenobi’s home (where he resided during his exile). You can also explore Tataouine, Matmata, Medinine, other location serving as the filming locations. Now you can walk on the deserts with your fake light saber and pretend to slay the evil.

 Visit Atlanta, Georgia for a Stranger Things trip

Stranger Things

Let’s face it. None of us would really want to be at Hawkins, especially when the demogorgon is ready to strike. Well, what is Hawkins in the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ is actually Atlanta, Georgia and a lot less scary than shown on screen. You can take a tour of the various filming locations of the show: Hawkins middle school, Hawkins laboratory and Bradley’s Big Buy (the grocery store from where El steals eggos). In fact, the cast of the show has previously surprised people by attending a tour circle with them. Let’s hope we all get that lucky!

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