Nagaland For Solo Travellers

Nagaland For Solo Travellers
A Naga cultural performance, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Step aside Hornbill Festival, Khonoma and pork, for here comes some of the best yet less-explored destinations in Nagaland

Precious Kamei
September 17 , 2019
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A couple of months from now it'll be time for the famous Hornbill Festival in Nagaland. Don't waste time, plan your travel well in advance. You HAVE to be in Nagaland...most people are thinking about this already. Creeping up on that thought is pork with bamboo shoot and how you are going to fit so much of dried meat, raja mircha inside that bag of yours...the list is never ending. Cliché!

There is so much to Nagaland than the Hornbill, Khonoma and pork. For instance, did you know that the Ao Nagas in Mokokchung love their totem poles? Don't bother searching this on the world wide web, result is less than satisfactory. For this, go visit Mokokchung! We are firm believers in all things offbeat; throw in solo travelling and you will have something to brag about. Nagaland is that perfect state for this. Haters will say Nagaland isn't too tourist  friendly,  but we are here to tell you otherwise. If you are the solo travelling kind, you will love the state, people are nice and warm (if you are respectful).

Mount Saramati in Kiphire District
Standing tall and majestic at a height of 3,840 m from the sea level, Mount Saramati is also the highest peak in Nagaland. The snow covered mountain, the dense forest down below, Saramati should be on every adventurer's bucket list. As a solo traveller, you can reach the nearby Thanamir village  but from here on you will need a guide to reach the summit. The climb can be arduous but a great view awaits at the top. Saramati straddles both Nagaland and the Sagaing Region in Myanmar.

Moving on from Mount Saramati, let's concentrate on the home district--Kiphire. Kiphire is that offbeat destination every self-respecting adventurer should experience, at least once. Salumi and neighbouring areas are known to have caves, some even unexplored. Sukhayap, also locally known as  Lover's Paradise or the Cliff of No Return is treacherous (caution is advised). Thanamir is also known as Apple Village, you can go explore the many orchards. Thanamir is one of the newest and popular tourist spots in Nagaland. For all you wildlife enthusiasts, Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is full of surprises, the good kind. The park is ripe with flora and fauna and one of the best birding spots in the state. 

Touphema Tourist Village
Still pretty unfrequented, the Tuphema Tourist Village is a place you should visit if you are on a culture trip. This ancient heritage village is maintained to give you a realistic feel of a Naga village. Great food and drinks are promised; the annual Sekrenyi Festival is the best time to visit this village. The tribal museum is a must-visit.

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On a foggy morning, clouds descended on the valley. I sat among Konyak Naga headhunters as they regaled stories of battle, of warring tribes and of getting tattoos on their faces after beheading rivals.. They showed me how even their adornments served the purpose of battle, like these goat horns which would be used to defend oneself, if they need arose. The wrinkles on the face of these warriors spoke of times, old and new... Language was a limitation between us. But, like always, there were stories to be told and a pair of ears yearning to listen to them. Stories flowed that morning, as they always do, from natives to travellers. Photo & Caption as experienced by @karmatraveler #WhereIsNortheast

A post shared by Where Is Northeast (@northeast_india) on Sep 4, 2018 at 10:34pm PDT

The Angh's home (Angh=King/Village Chief) is where you can experience India and Myanmar at the same time! The house sits snug in the international border, literally divided with one on the Indian side and the other on the Myanmar's. Here the villagers have dual citizenship and even though the village falls in both countries, the village is ruled by the chief. Home to the Konyak Nagas, Longwa has a rich history and culture. The erstwhile headhunting tribe is popular for its vibrant and oh-so-interesting culture and tradition. A visit is a must. 

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