7 Dishes You Can’t Miss At Gurugram’s Soy Soi

7 Dishes You Can’t Miss At Gurugram’s Soy Soi
The famous Bao at the Asian Retreat ,

Asian cuisine is fairly unique and this restaurant brings to life all authentic flavours

Simrran Gill
September 09 , 2019
04 Min Read

If you are a newbie when it comes to Asian food, you'll be spoilt for choice. Asian food is a whole genre and you'll be able to find something that excites you--sweet, tangy, salty, spicy, or all of it together. But one thing is for certain, once you've delved into Asian food, you will want to keep trying newer dishes from newer cuisines. All the way from Chennai, Soy Soi’s newly-opened outlet in Gurugram gives you a great opportunity to try your taste buds and fall in love with Asian food. Here’s a curated list of what you should not miss while scrolling through their menu, all which we loved when we recently went to Soy Soi:

The vegetarian sushi at Soy Soi

For the longest time we heard that sushi is only great when it’s non-vegetarian. It’s the Asian food equivalent debate of vegetarian biryani. But let us bust the myth here, sushi, even when vegetarian, is great. Give the yasai tempura maki a chance to shatter the conventional notion. After trying the sushi, I did not have any second thoughts about it not being great. Mame nori sheets neatly wrapped around rice with a filling of tempura vegetables, spicy aioli and spring onion, this sushi is not to miss.

Originating from Indonesia, sate or satay, is a dish famous and enjoyed highly by the Asian population. It includes, generally, a piece of meat or tofu grilled over wood or charcoal and then served with a spicy sauce. The sate asparagus, as the name suggests, is grilled skewers of asparagus wrapped in zucchini. Here, the sauce makes and breaks all the flavours. A fairly differentiated taste of asparagus and the sauce, this one takes a little time to blend in.

The crispy rice salad is a personal favourite

This salad brings together the crispy and the soft, a combination that sounds unlikely when talking about rice. Served in a leaf, the salad is the right mix of crunchy and soft. Neither too spicy and neither too bland, this dry salad is loaded with sesame seeds adding to the overall flavor. It works both ways, it can either accompany another dish and is also a perfectly capable standalone.

The extra soft Burmese Chickpea Tofu

Blended with spices, copious amount of soy sauce and mustard and cumin seeds, the chickpea tofu melted in the mouth. The right amount of spicy and sweet, one serving of this is definitely not enough. Garnished with spring onion and the add-on taste of ginger, red and green chillies and fresh lime takes a while to makes its way, but it’s not something that’ll escape your taste buds.

Extremely coastal in its approach, this pumpkin curry reminds you of a beach shack and bright yellow all around. The yellow curry garnished with pumpkin seeds and served with coconut rice could not have been any better. Inclining a little towards the spicy, the curry is different yet familiar in taste. It is also very easy to spot the coconut flavor which does not take a back seat with pumpkin being the fundamental ingredient.

Thailand's favourite street food, Phad Thai
Completely different from what you think it to be, phad thai noodles go beyond your expectations. A personal favourite of ours and also a favourite street food amongst the locals of Thailand, these spicy noodles are served with a dash of peanuts and some extra chili flakes on the side. The chili doesn’t hit you in the first bite; rather reaches your taste buds while you are halfway eating. However, that does not stop you from going for another serving. The differentiated flavour and sesame seeds add to the glory of it, apart from the localised flavour coming alive.

Sweet Sticky Rice at Soy Soi
No meal is ever complete without a dessert and what better than an Asian dessert with an element of tender coconut. We chose the khao niew wahn or more colloquially known as mango sticky rice.  The sticky rice, green, blue and purple are all coloured naturally without using any synthetic agents and the authenticity is reflected in its flavour. Served with a side of ripe mangoes and tender coconut ice cream, there could not have been a better end to this hearty meal.

WHERE: Ardee City Mall, Gurugram
CONTACT: +91-9319429735

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