Here's Your Complete Kolkata Breakfast Guide!

Here's Your Complete Kolkata Breakfast Guide!
A lovely breakfast spread at Fab Café Photo Credit: Fab Café

If you are in Kolkata, there are the places you should be heading to for the perfect breakfast!

Kamalika Mukherjee
September 01 , 2019
10 Min Read

We’ve all grown up hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which set us thinking - if we are indeed having the most important meal, why not indulge a little. Although Kolkata has plethora of options when it comes to breakfast joints, here’s a lowdown of the best places in town for a sumptuous meal.

The Biker’s Café
Breakfast Spread at Fab Cafe
The Biker’s Café is a swanky upscale dining joint with a menu for people with a big appetite. Quite close to Forum, this one is at Platinum Mall and is quite visibly charming. Walk into a heavy duty gear loving café that dons a classic Royal Enfield which gives away the vibe of the place. Heavy and hearty American platters, amazing combos (their egg combos are to die for) and healthy beverages make this place the perfect spot for a refuel after you pull of a Saturday night or just a hectic week at work. They also have a hookah corner if you want to unwind in the evenings. Though we cannot promise to satiate the Nicholas Cage in you, the food is sure to win over the humble potbelly.


The Biker’s Café is open 7.30am to 11pm; Monday to Thursday and 7.30am to 11.30pm; Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where: 31, 1st Floor, Platinum Mall, Elgin Road, Elgin, Kolkata.

Tel: +91 9674565455, +91 9831151483

The Country House
European style breakfast at The Country House
Hidden in Allenby Road bang opposite Forum mall, this European style café forays into the rustic charm of dining in a faraway land without a care in the world. With bougeanvillas and leafy greens jutting out in every direction, this place is pristine white with a brick finish, high ceilings, muted lights and offers a scrumptious menu. Pancakes, waffles, eggs - breakfast is on a different high here. They also serve the classic ‘Bangers and Mash’ which is a rare find in the city. With sunlight streaming in through the huge glass windows, every nook of this café is cosy and screams comfort. They also have an amazing range of coffees to select from.

The Country House is open 8am to 11pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where: 4C, Allenby Road, Near Forum Mall, Elgin, Kolkata.

Tel: +91 7044008922, +91 8777078708

Abar Baithak
Breakfast spread at Abar Baithak
If you are a fan of Pradosh C. Mitter, this place should definitely be on your list. A café based on the iconic fictional private investigator from Ray’s masterpiece deserves a mention. Tucked away in one of lanes of the posh neighbourbood of Jodhpur Park, this café is a favourite with the locals. The righteous spot for a lazy breakfast over cups of coffee and a lot of chatter given its laid back vibe. If you’re all by yourself, they do have a huge book shelf to keep you entertained. Their ‘All Meat Platter’ is the highlight of the menu and by far their most ordered breakfast item. If you’re as bengali as I am and love PNPC or are a robust politics enthusiast, this place is for definitely for you. 

Abar Baithak is open 9am to 10pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:282, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata; Tel: 033 40036777, +91 9836452267

Banana Leaf
South Indian Meal at Banana Leaf
Think fluffy ‘Idlis’, crunchy ‘Dosas’ and delicious ‘Kurma’ with ‘Iddiyappams’ or thread hoppers. This restaurant serves a bunch of warm and comforting South Indian delight that will perk you up. While this might not be the classic breakfast optional for many, the aroma of spicy ‘Sambhar’ alone is sure to change your mind. If you feel like binging, order up some ‘Vadas’ to brighten up your day. Clean and minimalist interiors, simple menu and a very Tamilian coffee house feel, Banana Leaf is a great option for everyone. Wash everything down with a cup of aromatic filter coffee. Good choice illa?

Banana Leaf is open 8am to 10pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:P 264C, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani. Near Vivekananda Park, Southern Avenue, Kolkata. They have two more outlets in Garia and Sector V, Salt Lake respectively. 

Tel: +91 6290145874, 033 46039144

The scrumptious breakfast at Maharani
The list is incomplete without the classic Kolkata breakfast. Yes we are thinking of ‘Kochuri’ and ‘Aloo’r torkari/dum’. The best kind of breakfast with a group of friends at a local stall and this one is no exception. While the city does incline towards the British culture in a lot of ways, come Sunday and we are all set to gorge on Bengali platters. A trip to this tea stall in Lake Market is what Sundays look like. Start with a considerate helping of ‘kochuri and torkari’. End your meal with tea followed by ‘jilipi’ to wrap up the experience. 

Maharani is open 6am to noon and 3pm to 9pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where: 174, Sarat Bose Road, Lake Market Area, Kolkata; Tel: N/A

Raj Spanish Café 
A hearty breakfast at Raj Spanish Cafe
This hole in the wall café is a little difficult to locate if you’re not familiar with the neighbourhood. Tucked inside Sudder Street, this is not your typical dine in fancy breakfast place. It’s cramped and pretty basic, but is worth the money. They do have a cute outdoor seating area with murals and fairy lights. It is truly a backpacker’s den but can fit in everybody. While the menu might seem intimidating, we suggest ‘Pan Tomaca’ and ‘Albondigas en salsa espanola’ which are great options for breakfast. They also have breakfast platters if you are unsure so stay rest assured, por favor. Order up from their range of coffees and their ‘Soufle Di Cioccolato’ is an absolute must after a meal.

Raj Spanish Café is open 8am to 10pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:Ground Floor, 7, Sudder Street, New Market Area, Kolkata.

Tel: 033 22523456, +91 9831004488

Afraa Deli 
Afraa is a household name with food connoisseurs alike. While they have a swanky fine dining property at Salt Lake, their coffee or ‘deli’ outlets are equally nice. Without the frill and fancy, it’s just good hearty food served with a lot of care. Sufficiently big breakfast platters, small nibbles, juices and beverages – their menu is vast and can spoil you good. The Salt Lake outlet also has a lovely outside seating. Pick from their Breakfast platters that will leave you satiated. They also come with beverage options to round off the meal. While you’re heading out, pick out a pastry from their dessert counter if you like.

Afraa Deli is open 9am to 10pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where: City Centre 1, Ground Floor, Block G, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. They have 3 more outlets in City Centre 2, Acropolis Mall and Eco Space, New Town respectively. 

Tel: +91 9681789735, +91 9647748772

Fab Café
The scrumptious meal at Fab Cafe
Fab Café by Fab India is the definition of guilt-free eating. This new joint in town is the rage. Gorgeous interiors, warm lights and aesthetic setting amps up the dining experience. They have a massive spread following through breakfast and brunch, without making you feel bad about the carb intake. They offer healthy, gluten free, vegan options for the weight conscious. Their coffees are equally good. The breakfast option ranges from colourful Smoothie bowls and ‘Akuri’ to Idlis and ‘Polenta Upma’, the list is long. They also have an interesting take on ‘Shakshuka’ which is a great option for breakfast. Even the desserts are guilt free. Also did we tell? Every corner of this café is Instagrammable which is why we are totally considering three square meals here.

Fab Café is open 8.30am to 11pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:1st Floor, Dr. U.N. Brahmachari Street, Loudon Street Area, Kolkata; Tel: 033 71646584

The Bakery – The Lalit Great Eastern
Breakfast at The Lalit sounds like a great idea
Founded by David Wilson in 1830, this was Asia’a fisrt luxury hotel and a hot favourite hangout spot among the ‘sahibs’ back in the British Raj era. The Bakery at The Lalit Great Eastern is easily one of the finest in town. The oldest running patisserie, this one can give you a run for your money. Back in the days, people lined up outside the confectionery to buy their special Christmas cakes. But the confectionery slowly disintegrated, much to our dismay after running successfully for years. However after the takeover by the Lalit Group, the confectionery was turned into a gorgeous bakery and now serves a posh clientele who love the English Style Breakfast. We also suggest trying ‘Croque Madame’ which is a popular sandwich that packs in some major flavor. The French love it too! With a rich wood finish, exposed brick interiors and marble top tables give way to a naturally lit room, a great place to begin your morning. Adding to it’s grand demeanour, their breakfast options are widespread and easily suffices for two. They have also revived the iconic oven that was used to bake the goodies back in the day.

The Bakery is open 7am to 11pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:The Lalit Great Eastern, 1, 2, 3, Old Court House Street, Dalhousie Square, Esplanade, Kolkata; Tel: 033 44447777

Breakfast at the loved Flurys
We decided to round up this list with the most obvious choice for a hearty breakfast. Founded in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. J Flurys, this iconic teahouse is no stranger. Sitting proudly in the heart of the bustling Park Street, this place is the quintessential breakfast place in town. Vintage in all regards, this is a true heritage landmark. When in the cultural capital of India, head to Flurys and dig into their famed ‘English Breakfast’. Although there are quite a few options, this one is a classic. Wash all that down with some juice or coffee of your choice. Also, do not forget to pick up some muffins from their dessert counter for those sweet tooth cravings. If you want to live Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this is your cue.

Flurys is open 7.30 to 11pm; Monday to Sunday.

Where:18, Park Street Area, Kolkata; Tel:  033 40007452, 033 40007453


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