Serving Fusion With Nostalgia

Serving Fusion With Nostalgia
Foxtrot caters to the likes of all,

If you are looking for a change, head to Foxtrot for their fusion food

Simrran Gill
August 30 , 2019
03 Min Read

The moment we enter Foxtrot the ambience takes a front seat paving way for the décor. The comfortable ambience has people seated from all walks of life. As soon as I’m handed the menu my eyes first go to the foxtrot loaded hummus (Beirut-style). And I’ll be honest I did get excited because who doesn’t love fries. Yes it came with fries, pita, fried chili and lavaash. Remember the onion-tomato salad that your mum served with a hint of lemon? Who would have thought it would go so well with the hummus and lavaash. The strong sour lemon flavor takes a while to hit you, but when it does your eyes squeeze automatically. The first bite takes you back to that evening onion-tomato salad during the childhood but the lemon immediately brings you back. The hummus (a personal favorite) melts perfectly into your mouth with the ultra soft pita. 

Most things on the menu remind you of the street food that’d you get excited about when young. Worry not we are still excited but also a little skeptical that what a change of recipe would do to the good old aloo chaat.
Next in line is the ragda aloo chaat which is nothing that you would expect it to be. The ragda aloo chaat is a gol gappa filled with aloo bhaja (fine chopped fried potato). It comes served with the matar borrowed from matar kulcha, copious amount of curd and our very favorite chutneys. The first bite brings back the fusion flavour of all chaat that you’ve ever had.


The scrumptious Ragda Aloo Chaat

Next we move to their special four cheese pizza. Softest thin crust and an exceptionally tender cheese, I kid you not it actually does melt in your mouth. However, my partner-in-dine is still relishing the ragda aloo chaat.
We then move on to their foxy style pav bhaji and Mumbai literally comes alive on our table. The right amount of lemon, spices and the mini pavs are perfectly presented. The kulcha platter next reminds us of our very favourite Amritsari Kulchas. The platter has ajwain,cheese and paneer stuffed kulchas. And the sides including papad, curd, and garlic chutney are a lip smacking serve.

The Kulchas at Foxtrot

Ending our meal with their gooey caramel cake and some of their in-house coffee was our best decision. We tried some of their locally sourced and roasted coffee and were definitely in for a surprise.  We suggest that you choose from their ‘Specials’ in the coffee section and you won’t be disappointed. How can I be so sure? Because my companion who hates black coffee could not keep the cup down till it was empty.

You shouldn't miss their gooey caramel cake with a hint of saffron sauce
Fusion is their style and they try to bring the old and the new together. Serving small plates, lunch trays, a kid’s menu as well as cocktails and mocktails, this place caters to the needs of all. It is a work friendly café in the morning that transitions into a lively cocktail bar by the evening.

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 1400 for two
Where: Foxtrot, DLF CyberHub
Go For: Fusion Food, Locally Sourced Coffee and Handcrafted Cocktails

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