Travel Back In Time At These Classic Bakeries in Bengaluru

Travel Back In Time At These Classic Bakeries in Bengaluru
The city of Bengaluru is known for its century old bakeries, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From traditional recipes to distinct flavours, these Bengaluru bakeries will satisfy all your sugar cravings

Roshni Subramanian
August 26 , 2019
13 Min Read

There’s just something about these old bakeries in Bengaluru that sends you on a trip down memory lane. One can’t really put a finger on it, if it’s the rustic charm, the generous hospitality, the legendary taste or just the homely aura that these places exude but they have always been the one stop shop for all my sweet cravings. Even today as I step into any one of these establishments my eyes twinkle like a 5 year old. The memories come rushing in of the neatly stacked khara biscuits and of the birthday cakes from Thom’s. The aroma of freshly baked milk cake, egg puffs and crispy rusks is enough to toss all your diet plans out of the window. While most of these bakeries are family run businesses, a handful of the ‘modern ones’ have managed to make a mark for themselves in a short span of time (case in point - Glen’s). When in Bengaluru, one might stumble upon a bakery at every nook and corner, but only a few of them enjoy a legendary status today. Here’s a guide to the classic bakeries in namma Bengaluru that you should head to when the hunger pangs kick in.

 Iyengars Bakery



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If you’re a Bengalurean and completely alien to the Iyengar franchise, then it’s probably time for you to sort out your priorities. Iyengars has been a household name for decades together. For most of the locals, Iyengars for the longest time was synonymous with after school snacks. Their sinful treats like honey cakes with dessicated coconut, variety of puffs and dilpasand is what has kept the patrons loyal to this date. To stand your own ground in a city that is changing by the minute is something only Iyengars has managed to achieve. It is said that HS Thirmumalachar who was originally from Hassan set up the first bakery under the name ‘BB (Bengaluru Brothers) Bakery in 1898. The relatively younger Iyengar bakery in Austin Town was started in 1981 by MR Thirumalachar. Today Iyengar bakeries are run all over the city by members of the Iyengar community. After a successful stint in Bengaluru the franchise has expanded to other southern cities of Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad and even Pune. 

Where - 45, Old Race Course Road, Austin Town, Neelasandra, Bengaluru - 560047

 VB Bakery

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This 65 year old bakery is the heart of Bengaluru’s eat street VV Puram. VB Bakery which stands for Visvesvarapuram Brahmin Bakery was started in 1953 by K Thirumalachar who also hailed from Hassan. Today, this place is managed by his son KT Srinivas. One of the rare joints that has stood the test of time, VB Bakery has set a tradition of its own. From serving early morning joggers at 6AM to the late night owls at 11PM, the legacy of VB Bakery hasn’t changed much despite tough competition. Some of the biggest names in the Kannada film industry like Puneeth Rajkumar and the like are amongst the clientele of this joint. With a quirky take on KBC( khara bun congress) VB Bakery pulls a massive crowd of students every day. For the loyalists here, VB’s KBC which is a piece of bun lathered with generous amount of butter and stuffed with peanuts is a staple order here. 

Where - Sajjan Rao Circle, VV Puram, Bengaluru - 560004

Thom’s Bakery

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The credit for putting Frazer Town on the map undoubtedly goes to Thom’s. Thom’s today is a bakery cum supermarket but more than that it’s the sense of nostalgia that keeps bringing the customers back. A step into Thom’s is a trigger for a flood of memories.The old patrons frequent this humble joint till this date to relive the golden past. Come Christmas season and this place is loaded with orders. Their delectable plum cakes, chocolate oozing donuts and colourful cupcakes is enjoyed by customers of all ages. With a menu appealing to both vegetarians and non vegetarians, Thom’s is the go to place for all kinds of snacks. Be it their chicken puffs or mutton samosa or even the veg sandwiches, the variety at this bakery is one of a kind. The joint is known for all kinds of imported stuff,from pasta dressing, to candies and varied selection of wines. Established in 1960, for most people Christmas is incomplete without Thoms’s and who can deny that. A dose of Thom’s sure does make your day a lot better.

Where - Wheelers Road, Cleveland Town, Frazer Town, Bengaluru - 56005

Albert Bakery

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Located right in the middle of a street that is a delightful sight during the holy month of Ramzan, Mosque Road’s Albert Bakery is a century old legend. With a business running for over 116 years, Albert’s is one of the trend setters in the baking circuit. Though a typical day at Albert’s starts at 5 AM, with procuring ingredients, and preparing the dishes for sale, but it’s not until 3 PM that the shutters open and again at sharp 9 PM the shutters go down. The timings here might be rather odd, but that has never been a deterrent for the crowds to flock this place. Occasions like Christmas, Easter or Good Friday, attract endless list of orders. Started in 1902 by Mohammad Yacoob, Albert bakery is today run and managed by the fourth generation of the Yacoob family. Mohammad Yacoob’s great grandson, Sabir has taken forward the baking legacy that was once started with an anglican name to appeal to the English masses who once resided in this area. Their khova naan, mini cocktail samosas and coconut cherry biscuits are still a crowd favourite. 

Where - Mosque Road, Cleveland Town, Frazer Town Bengaluru - 56005 

Excelsior Bakery

Ever heard of baking as a form of exercise? Sure, it can be a stress buster, but baking to muscle up is quite puzzling if not anything else.Well, no matter how strange it seems, that’s how the story of Excelsior’s origin goes. Young lads aspiring to join the army would volunteer to knead the dough for the bread at Excelsior hoping that the physical workout would help in building muscles. Excelsior started out as a collaboration between a Tamil baker and a British lady in 1930. Patrons who’ve grown up savouring their wonderful treats swear by the ribbon cakes, cummtee cakes, kal kals, fresh cream cakes and a lot more. All one needs to do to get to Excelsior is follow the aroma of the mouthwatering japanese cakes topped with dollops of cream. Excelsior is one of the first bakeries in the city that cropped up during the British era. Part of the closely knit community of family run bakeries, Excelsior was set up by Mr. Sahadevan from Krishnagiri along with Mrs. Emery, a British national. Today the business is handled by the fourth generation of Sahadevan’s family. From a kitchen operated by army volunteers to today’s tech equipped modular kitchen, Excelsior has seen it all. It may have lost its oomph with the decline in the number of visitors to Shivaji Nagar, yet orders for their breads and coconut barfis never drop.

Where - 36, Quadrant Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru - 560001

OG Variar and Sons Bakery

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In a city that boasts of century old snack bars one might consider OG Variar bakery to be relatively young. And you might be right about that. Govinda Variar a migrant from Kerala started a small bakery in 1950’s that gained instant success. He wasted no time in setting up 22 outlets all over the city. But his charm didn’t last for long. Finding it extremely hard to manage so many branches, Variar was forced to shut them down. However, with relentless efforts began phase two. Taking the leap of faith, Govinda Variar set up Variar Bakery in 1970. Having witnessed both high and lows of business Variar bakery lives up to the saying “ customer is the king”.While utmost focus is paid to quality and innovation, Variar bakery takes pride in its classic butter cookies, buns and puffs and also offers sugar variations of these. The owners might not be particularly interested in expanding the bakery, but they sure have added a new zing to the menu with the inclusion of nippat with sompakki(rice cracker with fennel) and egg less plum cake.

Where - 12th main, 2nd block, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru - 560010


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