Breakfast Around The World: North America Edition

Breakfast Around The World: North America Edition
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While the Bahamas are big on fish by the sea the Mexicans like their deep fried tortillas. Here’s how the North Americans like to eat

Simrran Gill
August 14 , 2019
13 Min Read

North America has a varied yet a similar breakfast platter. In the second last part of the series, we see what North American countries like on their breakfast table: 

BAHAMAS (Conch and Johnny Cakes)

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Conch, pronounced as ‘konk’ has a popular myth associated, that if you hold it closer to your ear you can hear the sounds of the ocean from within it. On the other hand conch is a national favourite in Bahamas. It is a sea snail with firm white flesh found in a spiral shell. The meat of the conch is what you should try that can be served with either a curry or with a Creole sauce. Conch can be served in different ways, cracked (breaded, spiced and fried), salad (veggies and cherry tomatoes in citrus juice) or chowder (tomato based soup with conch stew).
Johnny cakes are an amalgamation of corn bread and wheat flour soda bread. They are not essentially sweet with changing times, have evolved. They can be had with stews and curries.

COSTA RICA (Gallo Pinto and Tamale)

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Gallo pinto is the most traditional dish of Costa Rica and something that the local population refers to as pinto. It is made up of rice and black beans and served with different variants or sides to add the spice. The sides can range from red bell peppers to scrambled eggs, sour cream or cilantro and onions. The local population also enjoys a bowl of fruit on the side.
Tamale, a corn meal in Costa Rica, is wrapped in banana leaves. The filling inside consists of rice, meat and vegetables. They can be a standalone meal or served with beans or a curry.

EL SALVADOR (Pupusa and Sopa De Pata)

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Pupusa is the most historic and well as loved dish in El Salvador. It is the national food of El Salvador with every second Sunday of November celebrated as National Pupusas Day. It is a thick, handmade tortilla prepared with corn flour and stuffed with cheese, cooked ground pork and fried lorocco. Apart from the meat there are vegetarian alternatives such as local squash and garlic. It can also be consumed plain. However, it is usually served with spicy cabbage slaw (known as curtido) and tomato salsa. One of the reasons for it being famous is the variety of flavours that can be added to it.
Sopa de Pata is a soup made with a variety of ingredients such corn, green beans, banana, spices and meat. But giving the extra flavour to the soup is cow’s hooves. It is the perfect comfort food for winters in the country.

HONDURAS (Tortillas)

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People in Honduras like to have hearty meal as breakfast. It is usually a heavy meal consisting of a lot of tortillas. It essentially consists of scrambled eggs, boiled or refried black beans. Other than that it can include cheese, sweet fried bananas or avocados. Another element at the breakfast table is the Honduran style salty sour cream called mantequilla.
The breakfast is also incomplete without the home grown, strong dark Honduran coffee.

MEXICO (Chilaquiles and Molletes)

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Chilaquiles are the most common breakfast dish in Mexico and extremely delicious too. They are deep fried corn tortillas. It has a saucy flavour to it, because they are smothered in one with a scoop of cream on top. The sauce can be either red or green, according to one’s choice. They are garnished with sliced onions and parsley. Apart from that they are served with your choice of eggs or meat or generally with avocado and cilantro, a fried egg on top, shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, a portion of thinly salted beef.
Molletes are the simplest breakfast to make. They are bread rolls sliced lengthways, toasted and topped with refried beans and melted cheese generally. The non vegetarian toppings can include ham, eggs, meat where as the vegetarian options include tomato, onion and serrano chili.


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