South Korean Dishes You Shouldn't Miss This Monsoon

South Korean Dishes You Shouldn't Miss This Monsoon
Dakkangeong, Korean style fried chicken ,

The Korean platter is all about colours. The greens, reds, yellows all are present, giving it an appealing look and making it equally lip smacking

Simrran Gill
August 03 , 2019
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Lying on the Southern peninsular region, South Korea strikes a perfect balance between hilly terrain and high tech cities. The nation also houses centuries old Buddhist temples as well as sub tropical islands. The varied terrain throughout the country brings out the multi faceted yet delectable cuisine. Korean cuisine essentially tosses around simple flavours with a lot of sesame oil. It is an experience that your taste buds will go through only to realise that what started as sweet may trail off to spicy somewhere towards the end.
Here are five Korean dishes that you should get your hands on:


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Miyeok gook is the perfect way to begin your evening. Thicker in consistency than the regular soups, miyeok gook is an avid supporter of appropriate amounts of green in your soup. Accompanied by spinach in the soup, it relies a little extra on its salty nature. Miyeok gook is the perfect beginning to your meal and an even better end to your day. 


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Japchae is a Korean style fried glass noodles. The preparation of this involves stir fried pork, mushrooms, onions and spinach. The noodles are also loaded with the flavours of sesame oil, oyster sauce and eggs. Despite this the texture of the noodles is soft because glass noodles are used for the preparation. Weaved around basic flavours, japchae will leave you wanting more. 


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The Koreans love their soy sauce and the simplicity of the flavours that the Korean platter has to offer. Another gem in the list is doobu jorim. It is glazed tofu tossed in soy sauce served with a sour and spicy salad on the side. This dish is perfect fit if you are looking forward to taste something new but with the good old flavours.    


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We’ve all had the English style pancakes and many versions of Indian style pancakes too. Modeom Jeon are Korean style pancakes with kimchi, zucchini and chive. They are smaller in size than the regular pancakes one is used to, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. The palm sized pancakes are a must for your perfect Korean meal. 


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A complete Korean meal would not suffice without this traditional drink. Sweet and sour at the same time, micho is prepared with water or soda with copious amount of lemon and mint. It tastes best when loaded with ice. One can choose from multiple flavours available for the drink. 

If you are tempted to try out these Korean delicacies, Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida is curating a Korean Food Festival from 3 – 11 August 2019. The festival has been curated by three visiting Korean chefs and a handpicked Korean a-la-carte menu selection will be available to guests from 7pm to 11pm.  

Venue: Chao Bella restaurant

Address: Crowne Plaza, Institutional Green 1, Greater Noida

Table reservations: 0120 6735000 / 98997 27824

Average meal for two: INR 3000 +taxes  


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