Breakfast Around The World: Europe Edition

Breakfast Around The World: Europe Edition
Europe has a varied breakfast platter across countries , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

In the third part of the series, we look at how the European platter looks like apart from the very well known croissants

Simrran Gill
July 31 , 2019
11 Min Read

The continent of Europe comprises of 50 countries and each having a varied platter. Ranging from croissants to varities of cheese, the European platter will leave you wanting more. While the French keep their breakfast light, theTurks differ from them opting for a heavier breakfast.

Here’s how breakfast looks like in the European countries:

FRANCE (French Bread and Tea/Coffee)

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The French like to keep their breakfast light. It’s not croissants every day; however that is an evening snack for most. But for breakfast, mostly it is some kind of bread with a topping of your choice which can range from flavoured jams, butter or honey. The choice of bread varies between baguette or cracker. The baguette is always picked up freshly baked from a bakery is less dense. The cracker, however, is more dense and generally the choice with the beverage.
On the side the French like to have their tea or coffee and they fully support their choice of bread soaked in their beverage.  

UNITED KINGDOM (Eggs, Bacon and Tea/Coffee)

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The full English breakfast that once in a while all of us like to indulge in. Probably the most famous breakfast platter across the globe, the platter ranges from eggs and toast to tea or coffee on the side. Buttered toast, eggs, bacon, hash browns and baked beans along with tomatoes and mushrooms is what the UK population likes to indulge in for their morning meal.
Their traditional beverage is tea or coffee along with the breakfast. However, before the full breakfast, one might also indulge in a plate of fresh fruits along with some juice.

CROATIA (Lard on bread)

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For most Croatians cornbread with lard on it is what comprises of breakfast. A key ingredient is paprika, whether spread on the cornbread or a serving of sausages on the side. The Croatian meals have a heavy influence from the Austria and Hungary. Cold cut pickles and eggs are also now gradually making it to the Croatian breakfast table.
As a beverage the population of Croatia prefers a strong coffee with their breakfast.

TURKEY (Cheese, olives and bread)

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The Turkish breakfast is called kahvalti and doesn’t bend on the lighter side. Cheese, olives and bread are usually what is on the breakfast table in Turkey. The variety of cheese varies including beyaz peynir, kasseri or civil peyniri. Simit or pede is the choice of bread that one can choose from. To go for a spread the first choice is the black olive spread.
A breakfast favorite is also sucuk, cooked on a pan mostly with eggs (sucuklu yumurta). Sucuk is dried sausage made of ground beef with garlic and a variety of spices like red pepper and cumin amongst the others.

NORWAY (Coffee with cheese)

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In Norway the people generally do not indulge in very heavy breakfast. Their idea of a breakfast includes coffee mostly black. Other than that the Norwegians like to include cheese or ham in their meal too.The idea is to choose from brown cheese (brunost) and a yellow cheese, most likely Jarlsberg, which is a super popular Norwegian cheese with a nutty-like flavour. In case of special occasions the most indulgent breakfast is scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
The reason why Norwegians keep their breakfast light is because they have their lunch early on during the day, like 11 am.

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