Notes From Around The World : South America Series

Notes From Around The World : South America Series
The Torres Del Paine National Park in South America Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A home to different demographics across countries, here is what notes from South America say

July 25 , 2019
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Ranging from tropical forests to deserts, South America has a lot on its platter to offer those who plan on visiting. The following are notes from the continent. 

ARGENTINA Malbec, beef and tango


The Paris of South America in architecture, fashion, people and attitude. Sampling the finest assado along with Malbec, bar crawling in Palermo Viejo, dropping by the barrio of La Boca and watching a football game at a local bar.

BOLIVIA Breathtaking beauty of the Andes

Dizzying in every respect, not just because of its high altitude, but because of its superlative beauty and otherworldly landscapes.

BRAZIL Bossanova and beach bodies
An aerial view of the city

From beaches in Rio to the culture and food in Bahia—Brazil is samba in dance and in spirit, and is a country for everyone.

CHILE Chilling in Chile

A lovely capital that is framed by the mighty Andean peaks, and wonderful slopes for snowboarders, skiers, and hikers. Bars with energetic music, Patagonia and Punta Arenas, craft beer named after explorers like Magellan that set us up nicely for our Antarctica adventure.

COLOMBIA Misunderstood in South America

Pablo Escobar chose well. However, with pulsating cosmopolitan cities like Bogota and Medellin, the beach-fringed and walled city of Cartagena, jungles in the Amazon, jazz, and delicious patacones. You don’t need the drugs to appreciate it.

COSTA RICA La pura vida in Centro America

If Central America is nature’s gift to the Americas with its jungles, rivers and beaches, Costa Rica is the bow on the packaging.

CUBA Seduction in the Caribbean

Vintage cars plying past crumbling colonial buildings, haunting music that rocks the narrow-cobbled streets, a sexy vibe and the fact that it still remains away from mass tourism makes Cuba a jewel.

ECUADOR Enchant­ment by the Equator

A capital that is perched high in the Andean foothills and built on the foundation of an ancient Incan city. This city will take your breath away, literally and figuratively. Wonderful colonial architecture with both European and Moorish influences, ornate cathedrals and beautifully embellished town squares. To experience colonial grandeur, drive outside the capital to spend a night at a 15th-century hacienda that was first a fortress and then a monastery.

GUYANA South America’s best kept secret

Though technically in South America, Guyana has a distinct Caribbean flavour and is the only English-speaking nation in Latin America. Georgetown with its beautiful British architecture, colourful pastel homes, Stabroek Market with its distinct cast-iron façade, and a multicultural population.

JAMAICA Jamaica! Ya mon!
Rafting in the White River here is a treat

Jamaica Jamaica! Ya mon! Watching a cricket game in Kingston, frolicking on the white sandy beaches of Negril, snorkelling in Montego Bay, bamboo boat riding on the White River in Ochos Rios, trekking up the Dunn’s waterfalls, drinking copious amounts of rum and Red Stripe beer. All you imagined about the Caribbean, you can find here.

PARAGUAY Way off the Gringo Trail in South America

Despite being in the heart of the continent, this country is often a stopover for travellers in South America. A destination waiting to be discovered—with colonial and beaux-arts buildings, a laid-back feel and a buzzing nightlife scene.

PERU The loaded lord

The loaded lord The mysterious Machu Picchu and Cuzco, live music in Barranco, a night out in the upscale Mira­flores, and plenty of craft beer and ceviche sampling.

SURINAME South America’s Caribbean treasure

Tropical rainforests, surreal sundowners, multicultural heritage, delicious rotis and slow-paced moments.

URUGUAY Argen­tina’s undiscovered brother

This might be the smallest country in South America, but it comes with some stellar points. Montevideo with its architecture and social life, the fashionable Punta Del Este with its wonderful beaches, Colonia del Sacramento with a historical vibe and the waterfront. All add up to ensuring that great things come in small packages.

VENEZUELA Adventures in the lost world 
The breath taking landscape of Venezuela

A tough country with a reputation, Venezuela has a lot to offer if you get away from Caracas and head out to other heritage towns. One of the best being Merida. Situated in the Andes, with its Spanish colonial architecture and parks, Arepa serves as a base for adventure in the nearby beautiful Sierra Nevada and Sierra La Culata national parks.

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