The Most Unique Vending Machines in Japan

The Most Unique Vending Machines in Japan
Go insane with the options presented to you by these Japanese vending machines Photo Credit: Shutterstock

While you’re waiting at your table for minutes only to receive cold food, Japan is revolutionizing fast meals with their vending machine system

Sahana Iyer
July 20 , 2019
23 Min Read

Japan is a cultural beast, rooted in tradition as much as it is cultivated by technology.It is this incredibly developed technology is what makes life full of conveniences in Japan. Take the vending machines that dot through the entire nation. You can find one on every bend. No joke. In fact, there is one vending machine for every couple of dozen people approximately! Needless to say you can find all the items you would expect- drinks, fast food, small novelty items- but apart from these common products, Japan offers a spectacular and strange variety of goods through the vending machines as well.


Hot meals

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Ordering soba from a vending machine? Yes please 🙋🏻‍♀ï¸ÂðŸÂÂœ . . . #tokyo #japan #japaneats #soba #sobanoodles #backpackingasia #nomnomnom #japanvendingmachine #deliciouseats #foodblog #foodjournal #foodie #shibuya

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If you are tired of the cold food in the vending machines, switch to a hearty warm meal of Soba. Soba is a dish consisting of thin, buckwheat based noodles served with a delectable warm broth. Or opt for a bowl of Ramen or soup. Yes, vending machines in Japan are a valid substitute for a trip to the restaurant. (Swipe image to see the machine)



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Still very excited to see this coffee vending machine whenever in Japan. Many types of coffee you can choose. Strong or light, less or more sugar/cream, hot or cold. For only 150 yen 😍. Wish there’s one in Jtown. #lovejapan #lovevendingmachine #coffeevendingmachine #japanvendingmachine #japan #uniquejapan

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You could argue that cans and bottles for coffee drinks are available all around the world, but have you ever customised the contents of the coffee? You can in Japan. You can choose the type of coffee and the amount of sugar and receive a piping hot cup of coffee for a perfect day’s start.



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Alcoholic Drink Vending Machine! You can also get a bottle of wine! #japan #japanvendingmachine #alcohol #sake

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On your way to a celebration ad you forgot a gift? Just scurry around the corner to a vending machine and pick up a bottle of wine. One condition, you have to be in Japan. Liquor vending machines in Japan allow a person to pick up cans of beer or even full bottles of wine on the go. 



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Distributeur de parapluie 590¥ #umbrellavendingmachine #vendingmachine . #suidobashisatation  #dailytokyo #japanesevendingmachine #umbrella #explorejapan

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More often than not, my hair is dripping wet in the rainy season for the only reason that I forget to carry an umbrella. But if I were in Tokyo, I could just pick one up from a vending machine. For the price of 590 ¥, this kiosk will let you take home a brand new umbrella. 



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Everyone knows there's vending machines for everything in Japan, but first time seeing one just for bananas! #japanvendingmachines #dole

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An entire vending machine dedicated to one fruit? That’s bananas.



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This is the famous 🍶Sake-Vending Machine Arcade in Niigata, Japan! . Its such a fun idea: You buy some ðŸÂÂ’°tokens, I believe 500 yen for 5 tokens. Then you go around and choose which sake to try with your 🍶cup you borrowed, stick in the coin, and out comes the sake into your cup!ðŸ˜ÂÂŽ . All of them have tons of information on them, from how polished the 🍚rice is, to the sweet and dryness level of the sake, and of course, what 🗾region it is from. . It was just super fun to be walking around trying all of these various sake for such a ðŸÂÂ’´cheap price! . Oh, bonus tip, they had a salt tasting corner too, where there is wasabi salt, orange flavored salt, everything you could think of salt. . Hope you all get to check it out sometime, it was a great experience! . ❓Have you guys gone to try out the famous Niigata Sake Vending Machines? Or do you wish to visit?❓ . If you like ⛩Japan, and Japan Content, make sure to check out our YouTube Channel, ðŸÂ’™The Adventures of Blaine and Katey,ðŸÂÂ’ÂÂœ to get weekly updates about Japan News and stories! . 🔹🔷LINK IN BIO🔷🔹 . . . . . . . #Sake #Niigata #SakeVendingMachines #OneCup #Salttasting #TryNewThings #Explore #BKAventures #BlaineandKatey #Japan #JapanTravel #JapanGuide #Travel #tasteintravel #openmyworld #bestvacations #ilovetravel #exploringtheglobe #travelawesome #lifeofadventure #instatravel #travelbuddies #tokyoluxley #japanexplorer #Alcohol #NoStumbling #VendingMachine #JapanVendingMachines

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Okay, I admit I already mentioned alcohol but sake deserves a seperate mention. These vending machines let you pick amongst a variety of sake flavours and then serve you your choice in a cup for immediate consumption. A beautiful rice wine, sake is a popular drink in Japan and should definitely be on every traveller’s list to try.

Capsule Toys

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Japan memories in plastic model form. #Japan #capsuletoys #japanese #japanvendingmachines #japantoys #model #capsule #toys #Shibuya #imissjapan #tokyo

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If you are travelling with a hyper-active kid you just can’t control, then this vending machine is the solution to all of your problems. You can find variants of this all across Japan. Just a simple vending machine that dispenses capsule toys. A fun contraption to keep the child busy and shift their energy from begging for games on your phone. 

Caps for Cats

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#japan #onlyinjapan #japanvendingmachines #catsofinstagram #cathat @kitanclub_official

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We all want to pamper and shower love on our pets, but let’s admit it, the Japanese do it better. In Japan, you can find tiny caps in various colours for your cats. You can buy it just as an accessory or even to warm up their ears. Whether they work or even if they are a temporary fix, they are pretty adorable. (Swipe to see the machine)

Self-freezing cola

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Achei a Coca Cola que se congela! #selffreezing #cocacola #coca #trip #tour #japan #coke #jp #711

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Generally found in the 7 elevens in Japan, these Coca Cola’s are dispensed in normal form and then upon following a few instructions -open and shut the cap and then flip the bottle upside down- are turned into a slush. Apart from it being a refreshing beverage in the summers, it’s a marvelous phenomenon to watch it turn solid in front of your eyes.


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