The Red, Blue and Green in Australia

The Red, Blue and Green in Australia
View Australia's sweeping destinations shown on Instant Hotel, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From the rugged Outback to serene coasts and dense rain forests, explore the diversity of Australia through the Netflix show Instant Hotel

Sahana Iyer
July 10 , 2019
06 Min Read

Friendly locals, tender barbecues and a shared love for cricket, Australia is a tough choice to beat on one’s bucket list; especially with its stupendous natural beauty. The Netflix Original Instant Hotel exposes you to these diverse locations across the country. Four couples competing for the crown of the best instant hotel and a tempting prize of AUS $100,000, takes the show’s viewers to extreme corners of the country, unveiling distinct locations that Australia has to offer. Look through the different locations and attractions and choose your favourite for a trip down-under.   

Rugged backgrounds in Coober Pedy are an unusual marvel


Coober Pedy, Outback (Razz and Mark)

Inaugurating with the sweeping landscapes of rocky terrain and red dirt of South Australian Outback, the show introduces the underground dugout of Mark and Razz in the nestled town of Coober Pedy. Most parts of the town are constructed underground in an attempt to beat the year-long sweltering heat. Much like Mark and Razz’s dugout, a visit to Coober Pedy commands a stay at an underground shelter.

The Opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy is home to the highest concentration of the mineable multi-coloured gem. In fact, you can even try your hand at mining opal for recreation; any discovery belongs to you. Additionally, you can play an unusual game of golf on a course with no grass, just expansive spreads of rough dirt and sand. In fact, you have to carry a tiny, portable patch of grass to position your tee. Underground churches are must-see attractions. 

While recreation is aplenty for a short trip, appreciation for the Outback is only possible when one witness the Breakaways in their grandiose entirety. Waves of brick-red are only interrupted by the rising mounts sprinkled across the landscape. This cinematic scenery of the Australian Outback has been featured in major motion-pictures such as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Adventures of Priscilla, and Queen of the Desert. 

Side-note: Breath-taking as the surrounding may be, be prepared for the pesky flies that will undoubtedly outnumber you. 

Coober Pedy is an 8 minute drive from the city of Adelaide.

Partake in various water sports at Buddina Beach

Buddina, Sunshine Coast (Debbie and Justin)

From the rusty reds of the majestic Outback, the contestants on the show travel to the soothing blues of the ocean at Debbie and Justin’s penthouse in Buddina, Queensland. A suburb of the stunning Sunshine Coast, Buddina still exhibits the essence of the never-ending ocean view. The area is a thriving locality with numerous recreational options.

As the Eastern half of the Buddina pours into the Pacific ocean, the opportunity for beach activities offer numerous choices. The waters allow for everything from paddle-boating to surfing. The coastal pathway adjacent to the beach brings together a space for exercise with an awe-inducing view. If a day at the golden beach does not excite you, you can also indulge in shopping for souvenirs at the Kawana Shopping World, an avenue hosting over 100 stores. Additionally, attractions such as the zoo, aquarium, whale and dolphin watching or visits to the local parks may keep you occupied for the duration of your trip.

The views of the Sunshine coast are hardly beatable with the fresh air, crystal sea, honey-coloured sand and active lifestyle. Referred to as “the liquid view” on the show, the seemingly perpetual water is a continuous feature- not that anyone is complaining. It is an ideal holiday place for a kick-back relaxing vacation. 

Buddina is a short hour and a half drive from the city of Brisbane.

Live the fancy life amongst millionaires at Portsea

Portsea, Victoria (Jay and Leah)

For those who wish to enjoy the cool tones of the ocean without compromising on the serenity and silence, the next stop would be the hot pick. From the buzzing madness at the Sunshine Coast, the group travels to the more relaxing beaches in the posh locality of Portsea, Victoria. A millionaires’ territory, Portsea is considered one of the more expensive property localities in the country. 

With the tranquil views of the beach up the sleeve, the town has a fresh gamut of activities for the visitors. Only a short leisurely drive away are the stunning landscapes of Mornington Peninsula. You could spend a lazy day at the beaches, watching the sun drown softly into the waters in the evenings or even treat your palette with home-grown wine at their signature wineries. In addition to the pleasing resume of the town, there are incredible restaurants to try as well.

Not much effort is required to sell the town to visitors, however the true feel of being in a millionaire’s background can only be achieved with a trip to the popular hot-springs in Portsea. Sucking groundwater from over half a kilometer, the hot springs bring it up to the surface in high temperatures. Not unlike an open sauna, the springs are the ultimate feature to end a long day.

Portsea is a two-hour drive away from the city of Melbourne.

Step into the world of divers flora and fauna at Bellenden Ker

Bellenden Ker, Tropical North Queensland (Gene and Sharon)

So far the show has travelled through almost all its instant hotels, revealing the diverse nature of the country. Since the reds and blues of the country have been exposed, the last stop will now unveil the greens that have been kept under wraps. The last instant hotel in the show takes us to Gene and Sharon’s mansion in Bellenden Ker, Tropical North Queensland. A property snuggled amongst the canopy of trees, their house introduces the rainforests of the country.

Lush and royal, the rainforests of Australia are packed densely at North Queensland. While the possibility of recreation is limited in this city, it still makes an ideal spot for a shut-in retreat; a perfect place for people to cut off from the noise and hustle of the city. You can take a walk through the forest right into nature’s lap and even take a dip or sit by the running creeks. For an added zest to your adventure, you can try applying the skin-friendly clay from the beds of the creek and rinse it off for a rejuvenated wash. There is also an abundance of flora and fauna in the habitat.

Bellenden Ker is only an hour drive away from the city of Cairns.



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