5 Daredevil Adventure Activities You Need To Go For

5 Daredevil Adventure Activities You Need To Go For
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Do you dare?

Prerna Rawlley
July 11 , 2019
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If you are an adventure lover, we have you covered. From across the continents, we bring you activities you need to try on your next trip. All you need is to pack your bags! 

Microlight Flights in Zambia

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Besides the divine greenery, Zambia offers many thrilling adventures for tourists and residents. Known as the adventure and extreme sports capitals, this African nation provides a range of action sports. If you’ve done the usual white water rafting and trekking, try taking a microlight flight over the Victoria Falls. Unlike a helicopter flight, microlight flights are gives a true experience.

The flights operate from 8 am-9.30 am and 2pm-3 pm. You can go for a 15-minute flight or a 30-minute flight. The only difference is that the 30-minute flight gives you an extra 15 minutes to view the wildlife below. Being a single passenger with the pilot, you are guaranteed breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Please note: You are not allowed to carry a camera on your trip. The pilot would be clicking photos of you; the passenger must weigh below 100 kgs; and the cost of the flight is $179 for 15 minutes and $360 for 30 minutes. See this website 

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Volcano boarding, anyone?

Nicaragua is home to many volcanos: from active to extinct, as well as dormant. Volcano boarding includes sledding down the sides of a said volcano and instead of snow you see black lava rock. This ride isn’t for the weak hearted--at 728 meters high, the volcano is steep and slippery to climb.

The boarding experience lasts about 3 minutes. The entry fee ranges between US$ 25.00 to US$ 30.00. It is open 7 days a week. See this website for more. 

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Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Dive with sharks

Gansbaai is known as the great white shark capital of the world. This activity is said to give ones an adrenaline rush even before entering the cage. Do keep in mind that non-divers can do this as well. The cage has a hookah air supply system and 25cm semi-circular viewports giving a diver a magnificent view of the underwater world. The entry fee is R3300 and is open from Monday to Saturday. The best time to visit this place is from March to September. See this website for more details.

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CN Tower Edge Walk in Canada

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The Edge Walk is very popular and operates seasonally except during strong winds, storms, and thunders. Standing at 1168 ft above ground level, the walk has been designed with international safety and security standards in mind. It is the world’s first full circle free walk—on a 5ft wide ledge circling around the tower. The outdoor walk lasts around 30 minutes, giving the visitors enough time to take in the beauty of Canada. Edge-Walking down the tower takes up to 2 hours

Please note: The minimum age is 13 years with the weight cap being 34 kgs to below 140 kgs. The ticket costs $175 + tax, including a video, photographs and a certificate of achievement. See this website for more details. 

Ice Swimming in Finland

Are you brave enough to go ice swimming?

Swimming is a fine and acceptable sport but the Finns have taken it to a whole new level. Ice swimming in Finland means digging a hole in the ice in the severe winter and dipping one’s self in. It’s so popular that close to 1,000 people come to try the experience weekly! The visitors are required to visit the sauna before taking a dip in the water. The temperature is 0 degrees so the best thing to do is to breath and enjoy the moment.

Please note: Don’t do it alone. Beginners shouldn’t spend more than a couple of seconds in the water. A doctor must give you an all-clear before you sign up for this.

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