The Strangest Roadside Attractions in USA

The Strangest Roadside Attractions in USA
Take a detour and quirk up the story of your travel, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Spice up your rides with a short tour to these funny, ridiculous, redundant yet fascinating attractions across America.

Sahana Iyer
July 06 , 2019
09 Min Read

The millennial generation is a peculiar one. We enjoy oddity and randomness to an extent where a video of a girl saying “I’m poppy” over and over has over 21 million views. The fact is, we embrace the stranger things in life and that’s our greatest quality. This has translated to travel as it takes a more thematic, experiential and quirky approach. Embark on an outlandish road trip and explore these roadside attractions in the United States of America that will make you question everything sane in the world.

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A good book isn’t hard to find at UBC. Come warm up with a good read and a hot beverage from our Cups Cafe. #bookworm

A post shared by Unclaimed Baggage Center (@unclaimedbag) on Jan 25, 2019 at 7:08am PST

Unclaimed Baggage Center, Alabama

The urge to own something you have seen with someone else is not uncommon among us. In fact, now you can fulfill that urge at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Bags that are not declared by any owner after 3 months of rigorous tracing by the authorities are then bought by this store. You can shop for clothing, books, accessories or anything else you could expect-or not- in someone’s bag. Fret not, all the clothes are laundered and electronics serviced. The store at Scottsboro, Alabama can be accessed on Willow street, just a short drive from Huntsville, Nashville or Atlanta.

Check out their website.

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The mobile office rides again.

A post shared by Heideman Industries (@heidemanindustries) on Jun 17, 2019 at 5:04pm PDT

UFO Watchtower, Colorado

Whether your wish for an alien encounter was inspired by ET, Koi... Mil Gaya or even Men in Black, we’ve all an undying curiosity for the extraterrestrial. Judy Messoline, a believer of the supernatural, created a UFO watchtower on Road 61 in Crestone, Colorado for believers and people in general to look out for the mystical creatures. If you let her tape you as you share your experience of an unusual encounter, you might score a UFO themed frisbee. The attraction also has a gift shop for any souvenirs, obviously in touch with the theme.

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Rest In Pints... #benandjerrys

A post shared by Jessica Chaiken (@jessicachaiken) on Aug 30, 2014 at 11:02am PDT

Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard, Vermont

The sorrow of our favourite ice-cream flavour being discontinued leaves us with the regret of not stocking up on it before it flew off the shelf. You may not be able to find another pint but can pay your respects to the flavour at Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard. Nestled upon Waterbury Stoweroad in Vermont, this memorial was built for all the popular brand Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream flavours that were discontinued. You can even go to their website and vote for your favourite ice-cream to be resurrected back to the stores. Each tour is 30 minutes to see the tiny tombstones, first come first serve.

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Bubblegum Alley, California

An innocent tap at the bottom of a classroom table always led to the disgusting touch of chewed gum stuck there. While we all love to play the victim, we have also taken upon the role of the culprit. If you’re guilty about the hasty decision, come do it guilt-free and legally at Bubblegum Alley at San Luis Obispo, California. A whole alley with gum-covered walls, the place is contrastingly hilarious and nauseating. You can even buy a piece of gum from a machine outside the alley and contribute to the existing masterpiece. Do not be surprised to find messaging and artwork made out of - you guessed it- bubblegum.

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Bottle tree ranch on Route 66!

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Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch, California

With the Global Warming crisis and our impending doom, we all have now turned our ear to recycling and reusing. Elmer Long has taken the three R’s and added an exorbitant amount of creativity to come up with Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch. Built out of his childhood bottle collection and a few handy metal pipes, this spot is vibrant, colourful and exotic; an ideal quirky attraction for a road trip. If you cruise down Route 66 in Utah, be sure to look out for gleaming bottles in the sunshine.

World’s Most Scenic Urinal, Hawaii

Have you ever looked at a picturesque view and fantasised of the joy of urinating at the same time? Hard to believe anyone has. Yet, we have ourselves one of the most ridiculous attractions one could imagine. On the Mamalahoa Highway in Hawaii, a small closed urinal, overlooks the sweeping landscapes of the island. There is a manager present who is quite proud of the spot. Surprising (or maybe not) the attraction pulls an incredible amount of tourist visitation. While the activity may not be a story to tell, the view will surely suffice for a tale. 


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