Stranger Things Locations Every Fan Must Know

Stranger Things Locations Every Fan Must Know
Enjoy Season 3 with knowledge on the show's filming locations, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

With the release of Season 3, sharpen your Stranger Things trivia before the Shadow Master takes over the internet

Sahana Iyer
July 04 , 2019
08 Min Read

The countdown has been all over the internet for a year. The agonising wait for the new season of Stranger Things has finally come to an end. A cult internet phenomenon, the series has won the internet with their gripping Stephen King styled plotline combined with an fear-inducing yet sophisticated cinematography, not to forget the brilliant performances of the actors. What really makes the show keep the viewers on edge is their realistic depictions of the 80s through their locations. Let’s review the real-life filming locations in the show that have left us skittish to find ourselves in their fictional town of Hawkins.

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My kids live where Stranger Things is filmed in their Town Square. #strangerthings #jacksongeorgia #solotravel #vacation

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Downtown Hawkins: Downtown Jackson

Throughout the two seasons, the show takes us across various avenues at the fictional town of Hawkins in Indiana. In actuality, the beloved yet feared downtown Hawkins is downtown Jackson in Georgia. Scenes in the series feature 2nd street and Oak street from the city. To maintain the setting of a vintage 1983 location, buildings and certain parts of the area were redone by the crew. Additionally, the Hawk movie theatre shown is just down the street in this city.

The laboratory is possibly the most ominous location on the show

Hawkins laboratory: Emory University

The mere thought of the experiments conducted at this laboratory makes me - not to mention, Eleven- tremble. Indisputably the most ominous location in the show, the reality of Hawkins Laboratory isn’t half as frightening. The grey, melancholic building used for the exterior shots of the lab is a part of the Emory Briarcliff Campus. The interiors were manufactured in a studio. The lifeless and cold look of the building is a perfect fit for a sinister, illegal experiment-fuelled lab. It is also the place where we witnessed the soul-crushing (and bone-crushing) death of Bob.This may be attributed to the fact that the structure was previously the Georgia Mental Health Institute psychiatric hospital. 

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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t reenact the sensory deprivation tank scenes from @strangerthingstv when I found the set. The degree of success with a water bottle and salt packet from McDonald’s was questionable, but I think I got the point. 📹🚲🏚#hawkinsindiana #strangerthings #justiceforbarb #strangerthingstour #canibethetourguide #ifeelliketheresamarketforthat

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Hawkins Middle School: Patrick Henry High School

The schools of the 80s are memorialised by the iconic coming-of-age films that have not only portrayed but somewhat defined the lifestyle of a student. These stereotypes have no place at Hawkins Middle School. While characters in the movies skip school and profess their love with grandiose gestures, the kids at Hawkins Middle School build sensory deprivation tank to help their friend connect to the upside down. Nestled in Stockbridge, Georgia, Patrick Henry High School serves as the filming location for all the school scenes in the show. 

Sattler Quarry: Bellwood Quarry

As I tried to keep my jaw shut when Eleven breaks a bully’s hand and then holds Mike mid-air, I couldn’t help but notice that the quarry was picturesque- granted one can appreciate it more when they aren’t levitating somewhere in the middle of it. It is also the setting where the fortunately fake body of Will Byers is found. The beautiful Sattler Quarry on the show is in reality Bellwood Quarry in the city of Atlanta. A popular shooting location, the quarry has also been featured in a handful of movies and tv shows, including The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. 

The store was the location for one of the most iconic scenes of the show

Bradley’s Big Buy: Piggly Wiggly

It’s difficult to sympathise with the manager at Bradley’s Big Buy when a disheveled and upset Eleven storms out with an excessive pile of Eggos. It went on to become one of the most well-known scenes of the show. The supermarket featured is the widely recognised Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Palmetto, Georgia. People from the Midwest may be aware of the store. 

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Palace Arcade: A former laundromat

The second season introduced a handful of new characters. Apart from the raunchy good-looking yet infuriating Billy, fans accepted Max as a welcome addition to the group. Introduced in an interesting manner, the boys see her name as top-scorer on all the arcade games at Palace Arcade. Vibrant and vintage, the depiction of the arcade brings back an era where online gaming was unheard of. The building’s uncanny resemblance to a vintage arcade is no coincidence. The makers of the show have transformed a barren building in Douglasville, Georgia (previously a laundromat) into the Palace Arcade. 

Benny’s burgers: Tiffany’s kitchen

What is better than Stranger Things and breakfast food? A combination of both. Benny’s Burgers is scene early in the show as the owner feeds a traumatised Eleven, following her escape from the Hawkins Lab. This quaint burger joint is located in Lithia Springs, Georgia and is called Tiffany’s Kitchen. You can not only visit this place to step into a Stranger Things fantasy, but also enjoy their all-day breakfast menu. What an unbeatable mix!


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