Unique Underwater Attractions For Fans of the Marine

Unique Underwater Attractions For Fans of the Marine
These offbeat adventures will be a an addition to your crazy travel stories (Representative Image) Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Live out your mermaid fantasies with these crazy experiences

Sahana Iyer
June 28 , 2019
09 Min Read

The summer of 2019 is memorialized as one of the most unbearable ones in history. Sweltering heat struck the entire world and people across continents felt the need to perpetually be in a swimming pool to cool off. However, as relaxing as it may be, a simple dip is only entertaining for so long. Why not explore offbeat activities that you can do underwater instead? Here is our list of odd underwater activities that you can do this summer, or anytime of the year. 


Attend a music concert

In the past years, social work has been aggressive, empathetic and most of all creative. In an attempt to create awareness regarding coral reef preservation, the Lower Keys’ Underwater Music Festival was introduced 35 years ago at Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary . Playing your favourite ocean-themed songs on their unique instruments such as the “trom-bonefish” or “fluke-a-lele”, these artists definitely know how to create a surreal experience. Now you can enjoy music in its most queer form underwater! The festival is annually conducted in July.  If you wish to explore this attraction this year, keep July 12 and 13 free. 

You can check for further details here.

Find sculptures by various artists at the Underwater Museum of Art

Appreciate art underwater

Giving a whole new meaning to underground art, the Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) or the Underwater Museum of Art explores the opportunity of displaying art in an unnatural environment- underwater, in this case. Founded by Roberto Díaz Abraham and Jaime González Cano, the museum celebrates the bridge between art and environmental science. All the installations are fastened to the seabed and occupy a large area of over 420 m2 in the serene waters of Cancun. If you are appreciative of the arts and sculptures, this might be the ultimate experience. You can scuba dive if you are daring or instead board the glass bottom boat to enjoy the museum without drenching yourself. 

Visit their official website to book tickets.

Marvel at historic shipwrecks

If your childhood was spent buried in books of voyagers and pirates, this tour is a custom treat for you. In the depths of the Thunder Bay in Alpena Michigan (protected under the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary), you can come across the rustic beauty of historic shipwrecks. With Alpena Shipwreck Tours, you can submerge yourself in a glass bottom boat and cherish the structures as you listen to the lore and legends of lake Lorn Huron. The lake has witnessed many a dozen shipwrecks, but the tour will typically bring you to about 5-6 of them, including Bay City Shipwreck, Shamrock Shipwreck and Haltiner Barge Shipwreck.

Book your tickets for this insane journey on their official website

Ride a scooter beneath the waves

Any underwater experience at the Great Barrier Reef allows for an unrivalled view of the ocean. And a ride on an adorable yellow vehicle just ups the ante of the whole ordeal. Adorably named Scuba doo scooters help amateurs access underwater diving in an easy and fun new way. The Scuba doo tour lets a tourist hop on a personal submarine and then embark on a guided tour of the Great Barrier Reef. A very comfortable endeavour, the Scuba doo provides a remarkable view of the diverse marine life in Australia. 

Access their official website for further details and contacts.

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Get up-close with sharks

Probably some of the most feared creatures, sharks are generally misunderstood to be vicious creatures. In reality, they are rather civil when dealt with from a distance. Whether you fear them or not, they are majestic beings to see. With cage-diving in Gansbaai, South Africa, you can now come close to a shark while protecting yourselves. A protective cage is suspended in the water and if you’re lucky, you can be eerily close to the sharks. The experience is an incredible opportunity, albeit only for those who are adventurous enough for it. White Shark Diving Company are one of the prominent adventure tour operators in Africa and the Middle East. They will even provide you with video footage of your time in the water. 

Check out their website for details.

Warning: Please maintain a distance and do not tease the sharks. Only embark upon the activity under a safe and certified company with whom you are completely comfortable. We do not condone this activity until the participant is completely prepared and sure of their decisions. 

Add a little insanity to your trip by visiting this underwater restaurant

Dine at Nemo33 in Brussels

Every child who watched The Little Mermaid could only fantasize about life underwater. I particularly was obsessed with all the food. It was marvelous to watch people accomplish this phenomenon- other than having an entire world underwater and building an ecosystem there. Well, now it is no longer impossible for us to do the same (feast underwater, I mean). Visit Nemo33 in Brussels, one of the deepest pools in the world to enjoy this unusual treat. Interested parties must dive to the pod underwater restaurant and then undress out of the diving suit to enjoy their meal. Just a warning, the meal is heart-berakingly expensive.

Go to their website for further details.

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Just get married 

Sounds insane, doesn’t it? While that might be true, it’s still sounds like an amazing experience. Across romantic locations such as Bora Bora, the Maldives, the Phillipines, you can plan your special day underwater. You can choose between a half-day and a full day wedding. At an underwater chapel, you can say ‘I do’ or even just renew your vows with your loved one. And what a coincidence that you can just honeymoon there as well! Make your honeymoon romantic, with a touch of bizarre.


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