5 Wildlife Apps For The Adventurous You

5 Wildlife Apps For The Adventurous You
Identify various species of plants and animals with the help of apps,

Get up close and personal with nature with the help of these five wildlife apps

Precious Kamei
June 17 , 2019
02 Min Read

It's been many years since Christopher McCandless died inside that little bus in a lonely corner of Denali National Park and Preserve. His time in the wild was full of adventure no doubt, but then he ate a plant and then died of poisoning (according to the movie Into The Wild). See, this happens when you don't have an app to identify plants. Don't let this be your story, be friendly with these five nature apps.

Chris would have loved this app. The FlowerChecker app, available for both Android and iOS devices, is a great app to have on your phone if you like the outdoors and are fairly curious about the fauna around you. Should you ever feel the need to find yourself something to eat in the wild and are not confident about your hunting skills, don't just run towards the brightest berries you spot in the wild. Use this app to identify. OR just use the app to simply identify and learn more about the plants. Safer, isn't it?

iRecord Butterflies
A chalk hill blue butterflyDid you know that butterflies are an indicator of a healthy environment? Yes, they are and their population is in decline. If you are a butterfly enthusiast then this app is for you (and the butterflies too). The app helps in identifying butterflies and your sightings will be added to the existing data managed by Butterfly Conservation. A small step from you will go a long way in the conservation of these winged beauty.

The eBird app to record bird sightingsA personal favourite, eBird is an essential app for birders. When you are out in the field, this app keeps you on track by notifying you birding hotspots. eBird is a global online database of bird species, recorded by birders all across the globe. Your live records help in a lot of scientific study and conservation work. You can track your sightings from all around the world, check other's records, learn where to spot them birds (near you), real-time info, work offline, and many more convenient features.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, iNaturalist will help you be one with the nature easily. The app helps a lot in learning about a region's biodiversity. It includes everything, from birds, animals, plants to even identifying nests and scat. How cool is that? The app works offline too.

Probably one of the most important apps and a life-saving one at that. It's not just Swiggy that will save your life, you need this app to know everything about the snake you just came across. Android users, this is for you. It first started out as a website dedicated to study and monitor the big snakes like the Indian cobra, the saw-scaled viper, Russell's viper and the common krait. Now also an app and one that works offline too, the app is helpful when you find yourself in a snake territory or a possible snake encounter. The app will tell you about previous sighting/recording of species around you.

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