24 Hours: What You Can Do in Nottingham

24 Hours: What You Can Do in Nottingham
A front view of the Nottingham Council House, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If you happen to be in Nottingham in order to attend the ICC Cricket World Cup, here’s a list of sights you could possibly visit

Zagrav Benipal
May 31 , 2019
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The city of Nottingham falls under the Nottinghamshire county and is positioned 206 km north of London, and with an estimated scanty population of 329,200 people you may wonder how the name sounds oddly familiar. Well, does the name Robin Hood mean anything to you? The heroic outlaw depicted in English folklore is Nottingham’s resident hero (with a Robin Hood tour also available as a means to explore the city). The city is also acknowledged for lace-making, it’s tobacco industries and its bicycles (most notably Raleigh bikes).  Also accredited with an award-winning public transport structure, Nottingham holds the biggest publicly owned bus network in England as well as having the modern Nottingham Express Transit tram system and the Nottingham Railway Station in its arsenal.

Another area where Nottingham rises above its fellow English cities is in the sphere of literature, having been bestowed the tag of a “City of Literature” by UNESCO with literary greats such as D.H. Lawrence, Lord Byron and Alan Silltoe having links to the city. With so much to offer, you would be stunned to learn how much more there remains to be seen.

Wollaton Hall
A view of the Elizabeth Wollaton Hall museum and gardens in NottinghamThis awe-inspiring Tudor house fashioned quite the buzz when it was built in 1580s, erected in a bold Elizabethan/Jacobean style, that with time, shaped English architecture for centuries to follow.

While the house’s interiors have been amended a few times since the 16th century, the three-story hall has beautiful mouldings conserved from the castle’s onset. Once inside, you could also make your way to the Nottingham Natural History Museum that was unveiled in 1926.

The house is on a natural rise not far west of Nottingham, nestled amid 500 acres of parkland that are roamed by animals such as deer’s!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Mingle with the locals at the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub in NottinghamBuilt into a castle’s sandstone rock face, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is a pub, which some regard to be the oldest in England. Said to have been established in 1189, though, sadly there’s no documentation to authenticate the feat.

Nonetheless, oldest pub or not, there is no refuting that the pub is remarkably old and holds a charm of its own, with concealed cellars that were once used as fighting pits for cocks adding the unique aura.

Now to the matter of the unusual name, anybody questioning the curious title of the pub would be justified in doing so, the story goes as such – it is believed that Richard the Lionheart (1157-1199) along with his men took refuge at this very establishment on his way to the Third Crusade. There you have it, a touch more history!  

The Arboretum
Dark clouds start to replace the blue summer sky over the Chinese Bell Tower monument in Nottingham ArboretumThe oldest park in the city, The Arboretum was founded in 1852, with prominent Victorian botanist Samuel Curtis supervising the park design.

During the summer months you could enjoy a leisurely stroll next to the ornamental lake or pause for a moment to admire the flowerbeds or even take shade under one of the 800 trees that call the park home (many of which have been there since the inception of the park).

Nottingham Castle
Revisit England's history at the Nottingham CastleSpoken in the same breath as the Windsor Castle and the Tower of London once upon a time, the Nottingham Castle is perched on a high sandstone precipice branded as Castle Rock and is still an imposing structure!

The majestic castle was torn down during the period of English Civil War, as was the case with many of the castles in the era, in order to prevent misuse by enemy hands. Henry Cavendish, the 2nd Duke of Newcastle constructed the Baroque Ducal Mansion and in 1878 constituted the Nottingham Castle Museum.  

A few other noteworthy sites: The Old Market Square, National Justice Museum, City of Caves, Highfields Park and Green’s Windmill.


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