Visiting Paris For The French Open? Here's A To-Do List

Visiting Paris For The French Open? Here's A To-Do List
Philippe Chatrier Court at Le Stade Roland Garros Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The second of four annual Grand Slams is soon to get underway on the 26th of May. Here are some things you could do off-court in Paris

Meenketan Jha, Zagrav Benipal
May 20 , 2019
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There is a certain sense of exhilaration that grips tennis fans the world over as soon as the red of the clay courts is made visible on television. It’s as if you were standing there yourself, breathing in the smell of shale, stone and brick that form the treacherous clay surface. With bigwigs such world no. 3 Roger Federer, world no. 1 Novak Djokovic and the clay court king, world no. 2 Rafael Nadal headlining the French Open in 2019, there is no doubt that this is a momentous occasion. In the off chance you’ve taken your fandom to another level and decided to attend the Grand Slam yourself, here are some of the delights that await you in Paris: - 

With the gates to Stade Roland-Garros set to open at 10 AM and play to start at 11 AM, audience members are realistically looking at the morning and evening times to paint the town red. In a city that marches to its own (very customary) drum, breakfast in Paris characteristically entails croissants, tartines and perhaps a brioche. However, there exist breakfast bars that will get your pulses going and will have your heart fluttering with joie (you might as well start brushing up your French) at the delights being served up.    


Breakfast at Holybelly 5 

When in France, freshly baked croissants are a must!

One name that keeps cropping up in the breakfast circle of Paris is Holybelly 5. With owners Sarah and Nico having had spent time in Melbourne, it comes as no great surprise that they draw encouragement from Australian cities distinct café culture. Warm woods and shelves at near-ceiling height bursting with palm fronds and trailing succulents offers all the sunny comforts of a neighbourhood joint. The scrambled eggs and beans, you’re assured, is “à la British,” and what could be more international than pancakes stacked with bacon? You’ll rue not getting the poutine special which is drenched in gravy and studded with squeaky cheese, green onions, and teardrop-shaped pleurotes and hashbrowns that will sate the desire for fatty, deep-fried crunch.

Paris By Night

The French Capital, by night, is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world blessed with remarkable architecture and breathtaking monuments. Once you have watched your favourite stars smash it out of the courts, take to the streets of Paris to relax after an intense day of tournament play. The City of Love’s charming charisma is something you can’t miss out on. A treasure trove of history, you can have a moonlit walk along the mesmerising banks of Seine River. 

Paris Cabaret 

The Moulin Rouge by night

Considered antiquated, Parisian Cabarets are like a breath of fresh air for any and everyone. An integral part of city’s nightlife, this all-action event garners major eyeballs on a daily basis with tickets being sold out months in advance. Moulin Rouge, thought to be the birthplace of cabaret, is the place for the Parisian special. Get ready to be blown away by the magical energy, high-octane performances, and extravagant costumes.

Book your ticket to this splendid event here. You can also go to Le Lido Paris if you are unable to get yourself a ticket to the Moulin Rouge.

Dine In the Dark 

A one-of-a-kind experience awaits you in Paris at Dans Le Noir? where you can dine in the dark (Yes! You heard it right!). Dine in absolute darkness, hosted and served by the visually impaired, to change your perspective. Evoke your sensory experiences and choose from an option of surprise menus which are prepared on site with fresh products.

Book yourself a table in advance here

End Your Night Atop the Eiffel 

Paris and the Eiffel tower during the evening sunset

When you think of Paris, the Eiffel Towers remains its ever-present landmark. The majestic tower offers a phenomenal view of the romantic capital from its top observatory deck. So, ascend to the top and observe the glamorous city in all its glory at the peak of the night. Low-lying skyscrapers, historical monuments, and undulating nightlife make the French capital a sight to behold as the stars take to the skies.

How To Book Tickets

Novak Djokovic in action during French Open 2015

Now, to the mind-numbing complication of ticket bookings, you can simply click here and simplify matters. A word of caution here, book your tickets at the earliest possible as tennis aficionados fervently wait for ticket sales to go live, before snapping up the best seats, if not all the seats in the house. While qualifying tickets go for as less as €10, ticket prices start to gain momentum when the 1stand 2ndround matches begin with some costing €155 and others rising to €615 depending upon the day and the round in question. Here’s a top tip, if your passion runs deep but your pockets do not and you would still want to revel in the atmosphere within the grounds, you could buy a €12 pass that will permit you to watch from right outside the courts. There should be a mammoth screen there; with all happenings still very audible from inside the court. 

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