The Best Food Walks To Go On During Ramadan

The Best Food Walks To Go On During Ramadan
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Khushi Khurana, Adharsh Thangamani
May 15 , 2019
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As the month of Ramadan sets onto our country, it brings with itself a parade of heartfelt celebrations and delicious food in the form of Iftar. Hence, we bring to you a list of tours that let you indulge in a complete experience of food in the most important cities of India.



Skewered chicken kebabs The food on the streets of Shahjahanabad is worth dying for all year round, yet the month of Ramzan brings with it a magical new flavour to all the delicacies, full of love and warmth.

With the whole of Old Delhi painted in an entirely different colour and vibe, food is about more than just taste. It is about the entire experience of walking on the Jama Masjid road and letting the joy of Iftar sync into you. To literally walk you through this experience, Reality Tours and Travels is conducting a guided Ramadan Tour of Delhi this year. The dates are yet to be announced but you can book it online at a price of 1500 per person which includes all the food.

For more information and booking, you can check the website here.


One of Muhammad Ali Road's many food shopsFrom Crawford Market to Mohammad Ali Road, surrounding Minara Masjid; the epicentre of all the Ramadan celebrations, the iftar food here in Mumbai neighbourhoods is nothing short of delectable. The kebabs, especially the ones available at Haji Tikka in Bhendi Bazaar is a special delight apart from the wide range of iftar delicacies, of course.

Reality Tours and Travels offer to take you on food trails throughout the month of Ramadan on May 18,19; May 25, 26 and June 1,2 for Just Rs 1500 inclusive of all food. You can check their website here

Viator Tours also offers to take your taste buds on a roll through Minara Masjid, Bhendi Bazaar and Mohammed Ali Road with the price starting from 1800 including food and this tour is sure to give you a personalised experience considering the fact that not more than 6 people go on a food walk tour at once. For more information, visit the website here


While the most obvious charm of the city is its mouth-watering range of Mughlai food, including the special kebabs, there is a lot more than the narrow bylanes of Aminabad and Nazirabad have to offer. 
Guiding you through the unbelievably bright and lit midnight markets with their Ramzan special Chaand Raat tour, Tornos India lets you experience the life of the city in the dead of the night.

The tour starts 1st June onwards and for further information, you can check the website here.


Masala keema pav at Shivaji NagarMosque Road in Frazer Town and Shivaji Nagar are the hotspots in the city of Bengaluru for some great iftar food with some of the best shawarma rolls, egg puddings and brain puffs standing on offer. The flavourful chicken and mutton gravy along with the sheermal naan are something your taste buds should look forward to. is offering a food trail across mosque road without the hassle of running through the streets and waiting behind the expected large crowds after sunset where you can have a taste of 12-14 different courses of the Muslim cuisine ranging from onion and chicken samosas to quail to double ka meetha. These food walks are held on every Sunday at 5pm and cost vary between 1100 - 2000

Wander trails is also organising Ramadan food walks with succulent meat dishes, some great suleimani chai, crispy food items and some rich desserts which last for about 2 hours and thirty minutes for just 1000. You can book your tour here.


A plateful of haleem Every year when the holy month of Ramadan mixes with Kolkata’s summer colours, the otherwise busy city slows down to turn into a centre of the celebration. The chaotic streets scented with the aroma of iftari flavours call for savouring the haleem, the kebabs and the faluda.

Break Free Trails Kolkata recently organised one such event, taking its tourists for a gastronomic adventure in the markets of Kolkata after dusk. They are now planning another such tour in the upcoming weekends, at an affordable price of approximately 700 - 800. To stay up to date about the schedule, you can check out their facebook page here.


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