Get Off The Pitch: Types Of Cricket Played Around The World

Get Off The Pitch: Types Of Cricket Played Around The World
A game of Beach Cricket in progress, Photo Credit: Moorebig50 / Flickr

Are you ready for the world cup?

Adharsh Thangamani
May 13 , 2019
02 Min Read

The IPL season just ended with Mumbai Indians lifting the coveted trophy after a nail-biting thriller against the Chennai Super Kings. And now with the Cricket World cup coming up this year, the cricketing world is prepared to go crazy. Over time, the sport has had new formats come up, starting off with the T-20, after Test and ODI cricket. But it isn't just on the pitch that you can play cricket. Here are some forms of cricket played around the world--in places as diverse as sandy beaches and Indoor halls. Let the games begin

Indoor Cricket

Youngsters play indoor cricket in Canberra

This form of cricket is played indoors in a hall (when the conditions are too harsh outdoors) with 6 players per side. This form of cricket is most popular in the United Kingdom and there are two versions of this sport too, with hardballs for the senior players and softballs used for Juniors.

Kwik cricket

This is a version of the game which is highly popular amongst children in schools where plastic equipment is used as equipment to play the sport. It is a highly sped up version of the game.

Tennis ball cricket

A game of Tennis ball cricket being played on a warm Summer afternoon

Widely popular in the South Asian subcontinent and USA and Canada, this form of cricket is played with a harder version of a tennis ball and it doesn’t require protective equipment like the helmet or the abdominal guard. Tennis ball cricket is played at official local level tournaments or simply by kids and adults who want to unwind after a long day.

Tape ball cricket

A professional game is underway

It is a version of cricket again widely popular in the South Asian subcontinent, especially in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh where the tennis ball is covered with insulation tape to generate more pace and extra swing. This version of cricket has tournaments dedicated to it in Lahore and Karachi ranging from 4-12 overs per innings and is usually played during the month of Ramadan.

Beach Cricket

Take to the beach to indulge in a game of cricket

Involving just about anyone who wants to play, this form of cricket has origins in the Carribean Islands. Beach cricket is again played with a tennis ball with two sets of stumps--and sometimes, when there is only one pair of stumps available--a T-shirt or a bag on the non-striker's end would suffice too. It is played on a sandy beach and is usually played with a tennis ball. While there are tournaments designated to these forms of cricket, it is played informally for fun too.


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