A Newbie’s Guide To Iftar Food On Jama Masjid Road

A Newbie’s Guide To Iftar Food On Jama Masjid Road
Chicken Kebabs in the streets of Old Delhi in particular are a delight Photo Credit: Adharsh Thangamani

It’s the season for kebabs!

Khushi Khurana, Adharsh Thangamani
April 12 , 2022
03 Min Read

Famous for its exceptionally amazing and mouth-watering Mughlai food, the Jama Masjid Road has a completely different colour and vibe to it throughout the special month of Ramzan. In an enthralling mood of celebration, the whole of Delhi 6 prepares for the evening feast in with the most refreshing sharbats and fruits available at each corner of the street. The sweetness of phirni, sheermal, kheer and many other fine desserts capture the spirit of the rich culture. Keeping the festivities in mind, we walked through Jama Masjid Road on a day through Ramazan, and for the sake of purely research (of course), tried out nearly everything. Here’s our guide on what to try iftar during Ramzan.

The lively streets of Old Delhi

Utterly Butter(ly) Chicken
Where: Aslam Chicken Restaurant 

Butter Chicken
Butter chicken (especially from Aslam Chicken Restaurant) couldn’t be left out of this list. It is literally hot, roasted chicken floating in a pool of warm butter. Make it a meal with the soft rumali rotis and you’ll already be in the process of planning your next few visits to the place.

Khameeri Roti & Biryani
Where: Karims 

Popular for its delicious Changezi Chicken and authentic Khameeri Roti, what is often not as appreciated at Karim’s is their chicken biryani. An essential part of every family’s Iftar, no trip to the Jama Masjid Road, especially in the duration of this holy month, can ever be complete without a plate of Mughlai biryani. While you may find yourself a good portion at Al Jawahar’s itself or even at Riyaaz, Karim’s will always be our top-of-the-list favourite. 

Fried Chicken & Pakodas
Where: Haji Mohammad Hussain 

Pakoda being preparedNo one in Puraani Dilli knows friend chicken better than Haji Mohammad Hussain. At a quaint corner of the road, you will never find this shop not surrounded with people waiting to be served their portions of the best friend chicken, which ismeared with masala and covered in special chutney. During Iftar, this shop also fries the best pakodas in the street, of all different kinds. A traditionally accepted norm of food in every household during Ramzan, this rather vegetarian dish is actually very popular.

Melt-in-your-mouth Kebabs
Where: Qureshi and Al Jawahar

Chicken kebabs on skewers

These kebabs on long skewers marinated with herbs and spices, and grilled on charcoal are just so succulent and tender. On top of it, the exotic aromas from these stalls on the streets will attract any meat-lover walking by the Jama Masjid Road. If there’s something to try, it’s the seekh kebabs that are served with spoonfuls of melting better. Take our word: the lip-smacking taste is to die for.

All The Sweet Stuff
Where: Cool Point 

Even though you will find the entire street lined with shops selling the melt-in-mouth delicacy of shahi tukda and freshly made phirni and kheer each evening of this entire month, Cool Point serves the most heavenly form of it. The royal bread pudding, topped with rich dry fruits is considered as one of the most exceptional dishes prepared specifically for the occasion. Although available throughout the year along with the remarkable badam milk, all these sweets have an unusually great flavour to them when prepared for iftar.

Notably, during Ramzaan, even Aslam Chicken Restaurant offers you a cool and sweet kheer, served in small earthen pots as a light dessert after the rich, meaty and hearty meal. 





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