5 Jobs You Wished You Had!

5 Jobs You Wished You Had!
A job at the beach is a dream, isn't it?, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The order goes something like: terrible (I hate my life) jobs, just-about-surviving jobs, great jobs and then, in another realm somewhere, the dream jobs

Zagrav Benipal
April 24 , 2019
04 Min Read

Do you all have that one friend who is relentlessly posting pictures on social media from far-flung, distant corners of the globe? At times standing atop a glorious mountain, at times sampling a decadent seven-course meal, at times basking in the splendour of grand museums whilst on a work trip…You get the gist, right? It almost seems like this so-called ‘friend’ operates with a sole purpose in life–to make you quiver with green-eyed envy. Well, here’s your chance to find that perfect job and go toe to toe with this devil you call your pal.

A Millionaire's Assistant

Amongst the perk of being a millionaire's assistant is curising on his yacht

Travel jobs are not easy to come by, therefore, when an Australian millionaire by the name of Matthew Lepre disclosed he was on the lookout for an assistant, it took the internet by storm. Your question to what makes this so exceptional? Well, it entails travelling the world with him and also a sum of $52,000 a year (can vary depending upon your experience) and what’s more is that health insurance is also a part of the package. It is understood that Lepre (a millionaire who runs four successful companies in Sydney) has already received about 40,000 applications. So make your move now and steal a march on other possible candidates looking to apply!

Water Slide Tester

Another boring day at office

If swimming is your forte but you aren’t at the Olympic level yet (and neither is being a professional mermaid your cup of tea) then perhaps a professional water slide tester is what you should deliberate upon. Meet Sebastian Smith from Somerset (a water slide tester by profession) who bagged a six-month contract that will allow him to traverse the globe testing waterslides at SplashWorld resorts, and get paid $34,000 for the privilege! As the legendary Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff said, ‘you don’t shoot, you don’t win’. By clinching the top spot among a pool of 2,000 applicants’, boy did Smith win and win big at that. But hey, it’s not all fun and games. When Smith tests the water slides, he is looking at grave factors such as biggest splash and adrenaline level. Talk about a high-pressure environment!

Professional Sleeper

The cumbersone task of sleeping for work

Yes, I must divulge that this one caught me off guard completely. As I write this I am also simultaneously questioning myself and my choices in life (should I turn in my papers this very instant. Just joking, or am I?). There does exist a profession that requires you to sleep and, in turn, you get paid for the arduous task (I may just be really good at this). Hotel Finn in the heart of Helsinki was on the lookout for a professional sleeper to test the comforts of their 35 rooms and blog about them. A job where the only criteron is to carry a pair of comfortable jammies and suffer from acute laziness? Say no more, I was sold about 3 minutes ago! 

Wedding Guest

Today's job description: Best Man

Weddings are joyous occasions that one shares with near and dear ones, but this trend is on the decline in South Korea and Japan with a new industry emerging in the shadows. Agencies in said countries rent out fake friends/colleagues/family members to beef up numbers to save face on this special day. Wondering how much 'inviting' these phoney friends will set you back? £127 will get you a wedding guest, a heart-tugging speech is priced at £64 while a song or dance are valued at a mere £32. So, the saying, ‘money cannot buy you everything’...does it still hold true with the emergence of these faux friends?    

Cruise Staff 

Ahh! The sights you see at work

How sublime would it be to claim the sea as your home for months on end? Only to make port on the most majestic of destinations? Traversing the waters like a sea gypsy, not to be muddled with the piratic entity of captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. We refer to a more extravagant take on cruising, the most opulent yet in fact, aboard the ultra-luxurious, ultra-high-end Virgin Voyages by none other than Richard Branson. A global recruitment campaign that stretches to 18 countries is underway in order to recruit the best talent, what’s more, is that they want people to be themselves. “We love it when you bring your personality to work with you”, “we don’t even mind if you have tattoos or colourful hair. Just be you”. The head of people at Virgin Voyages, Kasia Anderson further adds, “we are committed to diversity and inclusion”. So does anything sound more paradisal than travelling the world by sea and making friends from all corners of the globe?       

We hope you have some serious food for thought by now, if this article rouses you to go after any of the aforementioned jobs, please do get in touch and share your experience with us!     

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