Earth Day Special: How To Be An Eco-Traveller

Earth Day Special: How To Be An Eco-Traveller
Earth Day: Green Earth is the need of the hour, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This Earth Day, let's discuss how can we watch our steps in order to not lose our only home—the planet Earth

Precious Kamei
April 20 , 2019
03 Min Read

Back in 1970, on April 22, a movement took place amidst industrial wastes, the Vietnam War, choked up Earth and people missing a peaceful and clean existence. The day came to be known as Earth Day. Like-minded groups of people and individuals decided it was time to put environmental concerns as the topmost priority.

Fast forward 49 years and you'll see how far we have come—in both good and bad ways. We have developments and we have global warming. Haters will say that it (global warming) is not true, that climate change is nothing but a very elaborate politcal gimmick. Well, tell that to the polar bears in the northern pole. They are just starving, they'll be fine!

On Earth Day 2019, let's discuss climate change, how we, the tribe of travellers and even the sedentary individuals are sadly contributing to it. Let's discuss how can we watch our steps in order to not lose our only home—the planet Earth. How may I help—this is the most important question we need to ask around when it comes to preserving our home planet.

Arctic sea ice is where polar bears hunt their food (seals)So what is global warming, you may ask. It is earth warming up steadily, the constant rise in temperature caused by the increase in the greenhouse gases and we the people are to blame for it. If you feel tad warmer than last year then don't worry, it's only going to go up from here. That is, if we are not careful. The greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Over usage of fossil fuels, deforestation, inadequate waste disposal methods, over consumption of natural resources, these are just a few causes for global warming. The ecosystem is the first to take a hit—climate change directly effects plant productivity, habitats get altered, there comes a change in the pattern of migration for many animals and birds. And that's exactly how species disappear. Take for example polar bears of the Arctic. These bears are mainly dependent on ice for their food and survival. With the rise in temperature, the polar ice caps are melting thus reducing their chance of finding food (seals). How does it effect us? Scarcity of food and energy is what we get from this. And not only that, the rise in temperature also means more droughts, killer heatwaves, more rain, flood, hurricanes etc. Now that's worrisome.

But wait, all's not gone. Here's how we can help.

Reuse, reduce, recycle
**Watch our usage of energy and water. Water will be a luxury in future. Let's use it wisely.

**Be the one to support the use of public transportation whenever you can. Carpooling is not only great way to save money but also lesser vehicles on the road means lesser emission of harmful gas like carbon dioxide.

**Avoid the use of AirCons for as long as you can. If everyone or majority follows this then automatically it will be a great help. 

**Eating a fruit while traveling and need to dispose off the seed/stone? Wait till you reach a wooded/semi-wooded stretch and just throw the seeds around. Imagine the look of surprise and wonder on a traveller, surprised at finding a fruit-bearing mango tree in the middle of nowhere. Also, plant more trees.

** Learn how responsible recycling is done, what is it all about and how often can you recycle. Waste segregation is of utmost importance. Harmful gases gets out from landfills where waste segregation is not necessarily followed. We can help by segregating organic/inorganic, recyclable and non-recyclable garbage at our home.

Being responsible and mindful about nature and the planet that we live in, it will take us all towards a more comfortable living. 

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