Earth's Most Beautiful Light And Dance Show

Earth's Most Beautiful Light And Dance Show
Northern Lights over Lake Prestvann Tromso in Norway, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A few places in the world that will call you forth to witness the magnificence of the dancing Northern and Southern Lights

Khushi Khurana, Adharsh Thangamani
April 14 , 2019
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Nature is vast, beautiful and dangerous and sometimes, it shows us things which lie beyond any explanation. There are a few places in this world that act as a stage for one of mother nature’s most mystical light and dance shows; the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis. The resplendence of the bluish-green and flashes of red and lilac coloured lights, dancing around the dark skies is something best experienced first-hand. It is a wonderful memory to bring back home, to be a part of the magic. The solitude and the beauty of this spectacle will let you have an experience you can embrace forever.

Except for the obvious skies of Iceland, that capture the particles from the sun, trapping them into Earth’s magnetic field to produce the most magnificent phenomenon, we bring to you a list of other places that serve as the grandstand for the beautiful lights.


Aurora Lights during winters in Fairbanks, Alaska

The clear skies of the cold dark nights in Alaska, make for the perfect conditions to watch nature's most beautiful show. Away from the city lights of Fairbanks in the wilderness of Denali National Park, you are almost guaranteed to spot the spectacular Aurora in this region of the united states. Another thing to not miss would be ice sculptures in the Aurora ice museum, lit up in the colours of the northern lights.


Aurora Borealis in Tromso, Norway

Traverse through the Northern Norwegian Arctic especially during a time when the whole of Scandinavia plunges into darkness. During the months of December, January and March one can witness the charm of the Aurora Borealis. You can meet the local Norwegian nomads, spotting marine life like Blue Whales and Seals of the Arctic circle and cruise the Fjords in Norway. Lofoten, Vesteralen, North Cape and Tromso are few of the places you can travel through across Norway to view the Aurora.


A picture of the Northern Lights at the Aurora Village in Canada

Canada flaunts the numerous places it can offer to witness the northern lights. From Yukon to Newfoundland, there are multiple options to choose from although the Northwestern region is the most popular choice. In fact, the capital Yellowknife has an entire village dedicated to the magical show of the Aurora. Whitehorse in the Yukon is also one of the most desirable options, where you can enjoy a wide range of various other winter activities in case you miss your luck with the northern lights.


Green waves of Northern Lights in a suburb of Nuuk, Greenland

The Northern lights are not visible during the Summer months in Greenland due to the presence of the Midnight sun. Although, the spectacle can be viewed clearly from the month of September to the beginning of April. The Aurora Borealis can be seen from any part of this country and the ivory snow creates a neutral canvas for nature’s lively palette of greens, purples, and blues. Greenland is the most revered place if you’re a professional or amateur photographer or just another person with a sense of wanderlust who wants to capture the experience forever.  


Northern Lights over winter road in Murmansk region in northern Russia

The best place to watch the light and dance show of nature in Russia is Murmansk. Even though Russia too provides with many alternatives to witness the Northern lights, Murmansk is the largest city in the arctic circle located on the Kola Penninsula. A popular tourist destination among the Russians for skiing, snowboarding and visiting the traditional Sami villages, the city is probably the most pocket-friendly way to look on to the glowing skies.


The dance of the Northern Lights over Calm Lake in Abisko National Park in Sweden

Sweden too is known for the wide range of snow activities and adventures it offers to its visitors in the winter months. Although, being very close to the Norwegian region, almost any place in the country that is away from the brightness of the city is apt to watch the Aurora borealis. The northernmost town of Kiruna or the “blue hole of Abisko” at the Abisko National Park are relatively less cold alternatives, as opposed to Russia and Alaska, to experience the enchanting dance show of the lights.

New Zealand

A dreamy image of the Northern Lights over Queenstown, New Zealand

The Islands of New Zealand have some of the most scenic landscapes in the world and the Aurora Australis is one the best things this island nation has to offer. Unfortunately, the occurrence of the Southern Lights isn’t very predictable. They in fact generally happen with just 30 minutes notice for the enthusiasts. Although the chances stand all year round the winter season (May-September) are perhaps the best months to catch this spectacular phenomenon in action. Dunedin, Invercargill, Catlins, Lake Tekapo and The Stewart Islands are the places to catch a glimpse of the Southern Lights.

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