Unusual Souvenir Series: Amsterdam

Unusual Souvenir Series: Amsterdam
Klompens or wooden clogs in a shop in Amsterdam, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Why not give your friends a reason to remember your trip to Amsterdam? Here are some souvenir ideas that'll definitely make you the talk of the town (in a good way)

Precious Kamei
March 27 , 2019
02 Min Read

Some of you will remember your trip to Amsterdam and some of you won't, but that's not even important. What's more important is that others should remember your trip, the fun trip. And how do you achieve that? Just get some really cool gifts for them, gifts that will force them to remember you. Here are four such souvenirs you can grab on your way back from Amsterdam.

A Klompen For You?
Clogs can be used as pretty pots for your flowersThese wooden shoes or clogs were hot once upon a time. Now not so much perhaps, maybe because they lack a certain practicality and may not go so well with anything that's not draped in Industrial Revolution era work clothes. But we still want them, don't we? And why not, you can get them custom made, in every shape and size. These clogs are easily available in any souvenir shops and believe us when we say this, they make great gifts. You can even get anything painted on them.

For Some Deserving Derrières
This is for all you bicycle-loving people out there. Your bicycles deserve some pretty seat covers too. Why should cars have all the fun? Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly places in the world; beautiful streets, canals, gardens, they all are perfect for a lovely ride. If you have enjoyed cycling around Amsterdam, may be you'd like to take a souvenir back. Get some pretty, waterproof and unique bicycle seat covers for yourself and some as gifts for your cycle-loving friends. These are available at bicycle shops and even some boutiques. While you are riding around the city, you might as well look for them.

The Verjaardagskalender For Your Memory
...and you are welcome! The verjaardagskalender is a birthday calendar that may very well help you avoid an embarrassing discussion like "you forgot my birthday". Or you could gift it to someone who forgets your birthday religiously. They are not like normal yearly calendars for they show only month and date. They can be used forever... 

Take A Seat. Literally.
Dutch Design chair You can bring back home these foldable cardboard chairs. These are called the Dutch Design Chairs but are popularly known as Momo Chairs. These smartly designed chairs can be easily folded, packed and assembled. They promise to hold a weight of more than 181 kg and are 100 percent recyclable.

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