Zebra Crossings Worth Walking Over

Zebra Crossings Worth Walking Over
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Bhavika Govil
March 22 , 2019
02 Min Read

We're always looking for something to post on Instagram--new wall art, a corner in cafe, the unexpected burst of flowers outside your car window. What if we told you about 4 unusual zebra crossings that will make you stop in your tracks and smile? Here they are. 

Piano keys in Poland
In Poland’s capital Warsaw, there’s always music on the streets. How can there not be, when crosswalks are turned into piano keys with the stroke of a paintbrush? Let curiosity not fester—this is because of a small, but beautiful dedication to the late pianist Fryderyk Chopin, who called Poland his home. The famous composer spent his early years in 19th century Warsaw, before finally shifting to Paris, where he earned his well-known fame. But it is known that his heart always stayed in Poland.

The next time you visit, make sure to walk over these crossings—just avoid the sharps!

Rainbow crosswalks
The streets of San FransiscoLove is love, and don’t many cities in the USA know & show it? San Fransisco, Seattle, Atlanta, New Jersey, among others have painted the town colourful, or at least some of their crosswalks in support of the LBGTQI community. The usual black-and –white stripes have been replaced  by the rainbow, in many cities initially because of the Pride Parade, but later were kept. Let us know when you spot some!

Floating crosswalks
A zebra crossing in Iceland floats mid-air to ask you to slow down. Don’t worry, if you see it, you aren’t imagining things—it’s just an illusion. In 2017, many ‘floating crosswalks’ were painted, optically giving the impression that they are not firmly painted on concrete. While the concept first started in Iceland, but later on came up on China, France, and even in the streets of Delhi after that.

Abbey Road

You have to be living under a billion rocks, at the very least, if you don’t recognize the iconic Beatles montage. You know the one—with the group walking on a zebra crossing, equidistant from each other. This photograph, first on the album cover of (you guessed it) Abbey Road  in 1969 became world-famous, and the otherwise ordinary crosswalk and street corner turned into a landmark for all Beatles fan.

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