Lucknow's Little-Known Facts

Lucknow's Little-Known Facts
Lucknow: An Illustration Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From train station that looks like a chess board to gigantic structures with no beams for support, Lucknow city is home to interesting facts. Here are a few of those

Precious Kamei
March 04 , 2019
02 Min Read

"Muskuraiye, aap Lucknow mein hain"

Did you know that Lucknow is India's second happiest city (after Chandigarh in the lead)? Oblivious to this fact, I visited Lucknow last year and I must say, I was not disappointed. Kabab, chikan and tehzeeb (etiquette) gave me no reason to crib. And just like this, there must be many little-known facts about cities or any destination, for that matter, we visit. But do we pay attention? After little snooping around, I gained a little more knowledge about the lovely city. Read and see how many did you know.


Fly and Stay Safe
Lucknow's Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport was judged as world's second best in small airport category. Here you are closely (and always) monitored. Feeling safe already? And not just the airport, the city believes in CCTVs with gusto. Lucknow has more than 9000 such surveilance cameras and because of which Lucknow was made India's first CCTV city. You are being watched!

Pillars at Bara ImambaraLook, No Beams!
Bara Imambara In Lucknow is an architectural marvel. It has Asia's largest hall without any additional support of beams. The absence of pillars sound almost impossible, for such a massive structure. But here's how it was done. Imambara's eight chambers are built in such a way that all of them have a different roof height. The space above and between these chambers are labyrinthine, the popular Bhulbhulaiyya (labyrinth) with 489 interconnecting identical doors. The maze suppports the dome of the imambabra.

Crocs Ahead
Kukrail Garden in Lucknow is an important place we must all know about. The garden is the breeding centre for the Critically Endangered gharials. Also popular for it's natural beauty, Kukrail Garden is a choice destination for casual outings, sightseeing. Thinking of picnic, anyone?

Husainabad clock towerTick-Tock, 'Tis One Tall Clock
Husainabad Clocktower stands at the height of a sweeping 221 feet, making it one of country's tallest clock towers. The clock, designed as a 12-petaled flower, has a 14 feet pendulum. You can't miss it for it stands right next to the Rumi Darwaza. The clock tower is a good example of Victorian and Gothic style of architecture.

Charbagh Railway StationCho-Cho Chess...erm Train
Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station looks like a chess board. Complete with domes and pillars, apart from the fact that the railway station is one of the most beautiful stations in the country, when looked from above (flight or chopper), it resembles a chess board with pieces engaged in a game.

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