Will You Give In To Your Worst Fears When You Travel On These Roads?

Will You Give In To Your Worst Fears When You Travel On These Roads?
Stories of these haunted routes are sure to creep you out, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Feel the goosebumps run through your run, a chill run down your spine, and shrill screams that are sure you to get you in-tune with nightmares you never wish to revisit on these roads across the country.

Meenketan Jha
December 14 , 2018
03 Min Read

Dread fills your body, chills run down your spine as you approach some of the most haunted places in the country. Mind-boggling tales, unjustifiable disappearances, and creepy moors have become run off the mouth legend. But, if you're a brave-heart and like venturing into these less than pleasant destinations, we have an early New Years' present for you. While Indian roads usually make headlines for potholes and yearly flooding during monsoons, there are many roads which are remotely spoken of. From roads in the national capital to Chennai and Ranchi, here are a list of routes which are steeped deep into Indian folklore. Get ready to get-in tune with your nightmares as you drive through these expressways.  

Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH33


Sometimes stories in legends are not explainable, here's one you probably will not able to get your head around. It is said that accidents on this National Highway (NH) happen in the most unexpected ways. Interestingly, there are two temples that grace both ends of the expressway. Many tales say that a traveler through this lane must stop and pay a visit to both these holy locations, they will be faced with a terrible accident believing the road to be cursed. For many as well, the roadway is patrolled by a ghost, a tall lady adorning a white saree - as described by the accounts of many drivers. Gives you goosebumps, right?

Delhi Cantonment Road, New Delhi

The Delhi Cantonment Road has a story to scare you out of your wits

Creepy. That is what will run through your minds as I recount the tale of why people fear traveling on this road. For anyone who has driven through here in the dead of night, they have vowed never to do the same again. Accounts speak of a hitchhiker lady dressed in a white saree asking for a lift. An individual speaks of how the lady chased him as he raced his car keeping up with the ferocious speed of the vehicle.

Marve & Madh Island Road, Mumbai

Legends of the ghost of a girl in a bridal outfit run wild in Madh Island

Madh Island, a group of quaint fishing villages, is a popular location among Mumbaikars. The road to the island, though, is one of the most feared in the country. A narrow and deserted pathway, many travelers venturing through the road describe witnessing a woman dressed in bridal outfit wandering this isolated region. The locals say that this girl died on this road by her husband on her wedding night. It is said that she makes an appearance on full moon nights  with several hotel owners around citing that they have regularly heard shrill screams. 

Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai-Goa Highway

Be wary of the witch when you travel through the Goa-Mumbai Highway

Of the most extraordinary of stories, this has to top your list.The highway is apparently the land of bloodthirsty witches. The stories recounted by many travelers on this route are simply unbelievable if anything. It is said that the non-vegetarian food has suddenly disappeared after the cars have come to an abrupt halt. Victims say that they have felt scratches on their faces and the back of their necks with many marks visible.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

We can't write about haunted roads and not mention a destination in South India. The highway passing through the dense Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is one that is highly intriguing. The jungle used to be home to the bandit Veerappan who was killed by the police. An elephant hunter and smuggler, records show Veerappan murdered over a hundred people but was a revered figure amongst the uneducated villagers who built a temple in his memory. People have said to have seen floating lights and screams while passing through the jungle.  

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