Unusual Winter Sports That You Must Try

Unusual Winter Sports That You Must Try
Dog sledding in Finland during winter is a popular sport, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This winter, take a trip to the coldest regions of the world. Indulge in some never heard of winter sports that are sure to add adrenaline to your vacation.

Meenketan Jha
October 26 , 2018
03 Min Read

With winter fast approaching, t-shirts will be ditched for comfy jackets and shorts for warm pyjamas. While places like Jammu & Kashmir will see snowfall, other places in North India will be ferociously cold. Unlike India though where not much changes with the coldest season of the year, countries further up north witness the true harshness of winter. With streets flooded by snow, there is a certain amount of unease that graces the lives of individuals during the frosty season. 

However, winter also brings a getaway from the sultry summer heat. It also opens the door to brand new experiences such as sports. Swimming, ground hockey, and tennis are popular summer time activities, which reduce with the frosty season. While sports like skiing and snowboarding are overwhelmingly prominent as the temperatures on your thermometers drop, other past-time activities like dog sledding, Ice sailing, and snow tubing are lesser recognised. So, this winter, why not divert from the usual skiing and snowboarding to try out some unusual winter sports?  


A team in Skijoing consists of man and a dog or a horse

Very different from your usual skiing, this sport involves you to put on your ski gear while being pulled by a dog, horse, or a motor vehicle. Often, one to three dogs are used. As the skier, you provide the initial power using your skis while your friend helping you out adds further drive by pulling with all his might. A sport like no other, we recommend you sit out if you do not have previous skiing experience. Events involving skijoring around Europe and USA are pretty common. 

Ice Sailing

A sport where you race iceboats, also called ice yachts, it is popular through the Scandinavian region, Poland, and the UK. Thus, there is no other place where you do take part in the sport than in Mazury, a lake district, in Poland. Let your hair free and feel the searing winter breeze while you sail across the country's Great Mansurian Lakes. Before you dive into the sport, a small training session in sailing is advised. The iceboats tend to reach extremely high speeds sometimes becoming difficult to control.  

Snow Tubing

A child participates in snow tubing

A sports that is simple and a lot of funs. If you aren't particularly fond of skiing, then snow tubing is your sport. Sit in a tube and let gravity works its magic. Multiple tubes can be attached so, you can tube down the mountain with your friend and family making it memorable. The heart of the Pocono Mountains are the ideal retreat for the sport. 


Snowboarder with a kite on the sea in the winter.

Another simple and enjoyable winter activity which will attract hordes of people is snowkiting. A sport where you are pulled across the snow by a kite, the wind will propel you across the snow and sometimes, even in the air. The kite is similar to a small parachute and functions like a sail. Those who have done this before can go upto to the speeds of 100 KMs an hour, but for the faint-hearted, we recommend a basic class in snowkiting safety. 

Ice Karting

You can race against your friend and family while Ice Karting

You all have probably tried go-karting before, well, in Finland, go-karting's winter variant is an all time favourite. Drive recklessly on the frozen lakes of this Scandinavian nation. Feel the adrenaline pump across your body as you race against your friends and family. Let the thrill of driving take over and enjoy this winter activity. Calm the blood rush with a warm cup of coffee after a race before gearing up for another dose of action. 

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