Follow This: An Instagram Account That's Accidentally Wes Anderson

Follow This: An Instagram Account That's Accidentally Wes Anderson

Spot, click, post. Anderson fans all over the world unite in one tiny space on Instagram

Bhavika Govil
September 13 , 2018
07 Min Read

No one does the absurd as well as Wes Anderson. No one captures the absurd as well as Wes Anderson. And certainly, no one makes you wish for the absurd as much as Wes Anderson. The American filmmaker has, in 15 or so movies, branded a style of cinema entirely his own, the eponymous verb and noun ‘Wes Anderson’. Definition: visuals with noticeable spatial symmetry, exaggerated use of saturated colours and striking architecture. 

On a photography project on Reddit, fans of the director’s distinctive style came together to post real life visuals that looked like deleted scenes from Wes Anderson’s movies. A slightly amateur initiative, this was taken to the (pastel blue) skies when fan Wally Koval decided to turn it into a more legitimate instagram project.


People from across the world now send in their most uncanny Wes Anderson shots from real life--of a post office that could be in a set, of colour palettes Anderson would swoon over, for example. 

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#AccidentalWesAnderson Renaissance Barcelona Fira | Spain | c. 2011 • • The Renaissance Barcelona Fira is a skyscraper and hotel located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (suburb of Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain. • • Previously named Hotel Catalonia Plaza Europa the structure is one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona with 26 floors and rising to 105 metres • • Architecturally, the hotel boasts a 'Vertical Garden" with 300 palm trees, creating a natural haven and mirroring the building's palm frond facade • • Know more? Please comment below! • • 📸: @funkyspion • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture

A post shared by @ accidentallywesanderson on Sep 19, 2017 at 5:11am PDT

The pictures are from everywhere, seats in a stadium, inside a train, of a pool, bar stools of an unusual colour. 

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_________________________ Costa da Caparica Mini Train | Almada, Portugal | c. 1960s • • Costa da Caparica is Lisbon’s closest beach town, located on the southern shore of the Rio Tejo. The lively, modern town is part of the longest continuous sandy shoreline in Europe and is virtually unknown by foreign tourists. The mini train provides a public transport service connecting the main resort town of Costa de Caparica to the 30km coastline of the Setubal Peninsular during the summer months • • The towns’ name ‘Caparica’ actually comes from the legend of an old woman who wore a patchwork cape and lived between Almada and the ocean. She was assumed to be a witch who guarded a fortune. One day, villagers discovered her body and within her cape a letter to the King requesting he build a Church for the people of her village • • The King ordered the cape to be destroyed until he discovered gold coins falling from the cape - and with that money he fulfilled the women’s request. From there the name Capa-Rica developed, for capa (cape) and rica (rich), which became associated with the region • • The territory was part of the parish of Caprica until 1926, when it became part of Trafaria until 1949. The urban agglomeration was classified as a town in July 1985, and elevated to the status of city on December 9th, 2004 • • The importance of the beach and sea is part of what makes the economy of Costa da Caparica function. Until the late 20th century, fishing was the primary industry, but now more so with the seasonal tourist influx • • Today, Caparica has a large immigrant population, particularly during the summer when there are an additional 7,800 residents and on average about 35,000 visitors, many of which ride the mini diesel train and its colorful carriages with wooden bench seating up and down the coast, stopping along each beach in turn • • Know more? Please comment below! • • 📸: @calitainstagram • âÂÂœï¸Â: @wikipedia • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vsco #Almada #SymmetricalMonsters #Portugal #AccidentalWesAnderson #Budapest #CostaDaCaparica

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#AccidentalWesAnderson Bel Harbour Pool | Chicago, Illinois | c. 1967 • The Bel Harbour was constructed as a residential building in 1967 and converted to condominiums in 1979 • • The 30-story high rise has 207 units overlooking Lake Michigan, in the aptly named LakeView neighborhood of the city. • • Interested parties will find the pool on the top floor, open year round. • • Know more details? Please comment below! • • 📸: @katieyeilding

A post shared by @ accidentallywesanderson on Jul 15, 2017 at 7:55am PDTHow many of these are actually accidentally Wes Anderson, and how many a product of careful construction and ruthless editing? It is debatable. In that sense, some could even call it a photographer’s fan fiction.

The next time your eye catches a contained artistically wedged between, seats and symmetry, put it on Instagram with the hashtag #accidentallywesanderson.

After all, if you didn’t ‘gram it, did it even happen? 

Follow the account here

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