Have you been to Saputara (Gujarat) during the monsoon?

Have you been to Saputara (Gujarat) during the monsoon?
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Enjoy the rains in Gujarat's little known hill station located near the state's border with Maharashtra

Uttara Gangopadhyay
June 25 , 2015
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Saputara, Gujarat’s hill station, is around 164km from Surat, 250km from Mumbai and around 80km from Nashik. If you are coming from Surat, you can break journey at Waghai to see the Gira falls and then drive to Saputara.

Ashtavinayak Ganesha Temple
See the eight different forms of Ganesha, located less than 2km from the heart of Saputara town.



Ganddharvapur Artist Village
Pick up a few tips from the local artisans if you are a creative person. Try your hand at Warli painting. Or, simply watch them at work, fashioning handmade artefacts out of bamboo. You can also buy some as souvenirs. They also offer simple accommodation at a low cost.


Governor’s Hill
The table land offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. If the mist does not limit your vision, you can see the rivulets and streams coursing through the valley, and the Gujarat-Maharashtra border.

Hatgad Fort
About 3km away from Saputara Lake is this ruined fort perched at 3,600 feet. You can see the fort first if you are driving from Nashik and have enough time in hand. Be careful as you trek. Not a trek for kids warn regular trekkers.

Jain Temple
The idol of Shri Chintamani Gajabhishek Parshwanath enshrined here is more than 500 years old. Do not miss the exquisite carvings on the gate and the walls.

Millennium Garden
A well laid-out garden that is located on the road to Nashik. The Step Garden is also a popular attraction.


Saputara Lake
Relax by the calm waters, go for boating in the lake or roam the garden on the bank. The Saputara Lake (entry charges apply), situated in the centre of the hill resort, is the top attraction here. There is a huge idol of a snake, which is worshipped by the local tribes; apparently, the name Saputara means ‘abode of the snake’.  On the southern bank of the lake is the Nageshwara Mahadeva Temple.

Sunrise Point
If you are an early riser, you can take a walk up to the Sunrise Point though during the monsoon you are likely to be disappointed. But you can come here at any time of the day to enjoy the valley view. Follow the winding road to the Echo Point.


Sunset Point
Unless you are bent on walking up to the Sunset Point (Gandhi Shikhar), take a ride in the colourful cable car or ropeway. The privately run Vaity Resort operates the ropeway subject to weather and a minimum number of riders. The ride is chargeable.


Tribal Museum
Learn about the tribes who live in the Dangs regions, their lifestyle, costumes, heritage, etc. at this museum. Saputara is located on a plateau in the Dangs forest. Some of the attractions here are a stone funerary column, masks, musical instruments, ornaments made of grass, etc.  Entry fees applicable.



Gira Waterfalls
This waterfall can be your sole reason for visiting Saputara. The beauty of this waterfalls, about 50km from Saputara (3km from Waghai town), can be best enjoyed during the monsoon. The rain-fed Kapri River swells up and drops from a height of 30 metre to join the Ambika River. You have to leave the car behind at the car park, and walk for about a km to reach the waterfalls.

Pandava Caves
It is said that Pandavas spent some time in the caves named after them to pray to Lord Shiva. The biggest cave obviously belonged to Bheema.


The Ramayana Trail
It is said that Rama spent 11 of his 14 years in exile in this forest, which is known as the Sitavan. A fairly new temple, Shabaridham, apparently marks the spot where Shabari offered fruits to Rama and Lakshman. At a distance of 6km lies Pampa Sarovar, also of Ramayana fame.    


Vansda National Park
A former hunting ground of the rulers of Vansda, the 24 sq. km national park is home to a variety of animals, including leopards, pangolin, rusty-spotted cat, python, giant squirrel, and four-horned antelopes. You need permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden to visit the national park, about 40 km from Saputara.

Waghai Botanical Garden
Tree lovers will enjoy being at the Waghai Botanical Garden and Bio-Diversity Conservation Centre, about 60km from Saputara.

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