We Indians love our sweets. And with the Indian palate expanding its horizons in tandem with seasons of MasterChef, a cookbook of over 80 dessert recipes from across 50 countries is just what the home chef ordered. Chef, restaurateur and author Monish Gujral not only dishes out classic recipes with his own twists, he also serves up delicious sides of culinary history and travel anecdotes. So while cooking his version of French toast with blueberry preserve, inspired from a visit to a café near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, you will also learn that the dish was first cooked by medieval European soldiers. And that the French and the Brits had a long-winded argument over who invented the crème brûlée. He even whips up a jaggery halwa that his great-grandmother used to cook in Peshawar. On the Dessert Trail  is sure to trigger cravings and, maybe, even some wanderlust.