Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass In India Is Making Employees’ Lives Easier

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Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass In India Is Making Employees’ Lives Easier
Rajat Mishra - 08 June 2019

Do the innumerable number of cards in your wallet cause you a nightmare? Employee benefit firm Sodexo has launched Multi-Benefit Pass, in order to enhance the employee experience. This is a solution that does not confine its usage to getting meal benefits but also for fuel or other purchases.

Amruta Dhaktode, 30, a software professional in Pune, is quite elated about the launch of multi-benefit pass and said, “I have always found the concept of e-wallet highly intriguing. As Sodexo helped me in ordering in my office premises, this step is going to benefit me for sure but will impact environment too. As this departure from paper coupons will give more impetus to environment friendly digital shopping. How will it help?

The Sodexo multi-benefit pass is a unique solution where a magnetic strip can be used to avail meal benefits across their 100,000+ strong merchant network and can be used across Rupay’s network of 36 lakh + outlets pan India. It brings many employee benefits like fuel, gift, meal, uniform and books on one card. The company said this is the first such two-in-one card in India and is going to make life of users far more comfortable by ridding of the daily problems.

Rohit Tripathi, 32, a software professional, said, “This is a great Go-Green Initiative by Sodexo. With single card we can pay for both meal and non-meal expenses. In addition mobile app gives full control on the vouchers and gives me complete statement of purchases and balance. And now I am excited to use 2-in-1 card for multiple purpose.”

How does it eliminate hassles?

Sodexo multi-benefit Pass eliminates the hassles of managing paper-based claims, eventually increasing work efficiency and is a 100% tax compliant solution. The fully digital nature of the solution is tailor- made according to employee and company needs. In fact it comes with a mobile app where employees don’t need to carry their card and can use the mobile app to view transaction history. Also this app helps in locating nearest food outlet, lucrative deals and discounts.

Other Benefits

Apart from all other benefits, it will be beneficial in many other ways. If companies want to offer digital gifting options to employee, the virtual wallet can be recharged for the particular amount during festivals like Diwali or Christmas.

So, this decision is coming at a time when digitisation is on an upward spiral and also the government is actively taking this forward. This is merely a glimpse of the many new features that companies and corporations are coming up with.

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