Top Four Professions To Earn Money Online

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Top Four Professions To Earn Money Online
Rajat Mishra - 21 July 2019

Online Space has successfully fulfilled wishes of everyone from shopping to finding a life partner, from dating to making your life luxurious. But, if you have been thinking to earn money online, then you will not have to step out of your home. There are plenty of options available that can fetch money for you over the Internet. The money that you can earn online can often be more than what you can earn from a full-time job. But the only thing is that you have to find a suitable match as per your interest.

So, let us quickly go through the options that can fetch you earnings online.


Everyone knows that freelancing is something that can get you handsome returns. But for that you will have to figure out your interest areas. Then after registering and making your profile along with your skill set, you are ready to give it a try. That may seem simpler but entails enough work to be done. You will get money only after your client approves of your work and thus it entails revising work several times. The money paid for the work varies from client to client and kind of work and projects you are working on. This option has emerged as one of the best for Indian youngsters in past few years those who want to have their professional freedom and earn money staying at home.

Online Tutoring

This option is one of the easiest to go for. If you are interested in teaching and want to connect with huge student community existing online to get their problems solved, then it is a very good job for you. The process is very simple; you just have to teach subjects of your expertise online. First, for doing this, you are supposed to fill a simple form and then after documentation, your profile will be made and you will start earning C 200 -300 per hour if you are a fresher and more than C 500 once you will become an experienced tutor.


Another avenue to earn money online is blogging. It is a very old and popular method of earning online. You may write a blog everyday on any subject and topic of your interest. And later, in order to earn money you can monetise that blog by putting up advertisements. But that is not as simple as it seems to be. Because it takes time and sometimes takes more than a year to do that. Creating a blog and writing on a daily basis can be very easily done on Tumblr and Wordpress free of the cost. But monetising it and getting advertisement support from companies like Google can take some time. Popularity of your blog and number of readers is also a consideration.

Content writing

The content writing industry is booming which makes it easy for anyone to earn money. With several web sites and online portals coming up, there is a steady demand for good, well-researched and well-written content. Many organisations are today hiring people for writing content at pretty high cost. And this is for permanent writers, retainers and freelancers. They are looking out for people who have good writing skills and are sound in the English language. A beginner here can earn anywhere between C 8,000 to C 10,000 a month if he is good in this and plays his cards well. Apart from portals and websites, companies are constantly in the search of good content writers for company websites and online newsletters and often pay handsome amounts for this. For a good writer with a good world view, there is no dearth of opportunities on the Internet.

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