Three Reasons To Go Cashless

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Three Reasons To Go Cashless
Indrishka Bose - 21 January 2020
India going cashless is not a talk that is suddenly rising from the cracks. It has been going around for years now. Despite that, many are still hesitant regarding the concept of going cashless as they are not yet exposed to its window of opportunities. It is time to pull yourself out from the age-old confusion and equip your minds with the convenience and substantial benefits it provides.
Here are three key points that will render you the reasons to go cashless.
Finite spending - When you decide to go cashless, you are not only switching to a different mode of monetary transaction but also switching to a better way of handling your financial life. It reduces the cost that goes into manual accounting work and this filtered activity makes it a matter of limited spending. As digitalisation slips in your daily schedule, you also learn that it saves time. It takes an elongated time when you are carrying cash as you have to go through a plethora of events. Those hunting for the exact change, standing in a queue in front of the ATM, the fear that takes the form of a sweat as you are getting late for work; all these miseries get vandalised as you choose the digital mode of monetary transaction.
Systematised transaction - The digital information technology has its own quality as in a cashless economy the payments are made through an electrical form which makes it safe and reliable. You carry a truckload of responsibility when you are in public transport, with a huge amount of cash in your pocket and the risks of getting robbed are not rare nowadays. Hence when it becomes more systematised, the risks related to security become lower. It has also been found that people get to acquire things in a cheaper and faster way, propping it up by making it easier to track the taxation record. And the records will as well help you gauge your spending paradigm. Often when the payment by cash is made hastily, it leads to a lot of mishaps. With the cashless transaction, you get to pay the exact amount without having to worry about any adversity.
Discounts - The digital transaction provides a humongous benefit when it comes to discounts. Your savings section builds up as your railway tickets, the highway tolls, and other insurance which are purchased through this mode are reduced. This sanitized version also provides cash-backs and other discounts offered through Paytm and other varied mobile wallets. Drilling even further the debit card and credit card transactions up to Rs 2000 will be spared from service tax.
The above-stated reasons fairly explain the need to go cashless and how it will lead you to a state of security and safety, where you will no longer be disquieted by the fear of losing your money, as the risks are low here.
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