Mind Tricks That Lead To Saving Money

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Mind Tricks That Lead To Saving Money
Indrishka Bose - 16 January 2020

New Delhi, January 12: The present generation is being gifted with a mountain of technological advancements. Today, everything is possible by the click of a button. However, the undying demands come with a baggage of costs. Technological advancement is making it easier for people to become a spendthrift, through various mediums of accessibility like online shopping and online food delivery. All these ease of technology come under the camouflage of cost, which needs to be checked.

Here are a few mind tricks that will help you develop a stern mindset when it comes to savings.

Chalk out your budget - Basic economics says that demands keep cropping up after every episode of fulfillment among humans. It starts from the necessities and quickly lands in the domain of luxuries. Once a demand is satisfied, another arises within a blink of an eye. It is a mandate to chalk out your budget and accordingly set a goal that will guide you like a roadmap throughout the month. Separate out the expenses that fall under emergency cases, like ill-health. After step one, trickle down to the daily expenses that revolve around your lifestyle like food, rent and transport costs. Sticking to your goal try to spend your income on things that you have long desired for, do not let yourself be swayed away by teeny-tiny demands that mushroom up for a small duration. If you have been dreaming about buying a car for months and simultaneously working hard to achieve it, unclip your wings and buy it. Never include the demands that die out with time, in your budget because you need to remember that your money is also going for taxes.

The art of determination - Anything is possible under the sun if you master the art of determination. After fixing a goal that is pinned to your budget, it is time to focus on your timetable. Creating a schedule and not implementing it in your life makes the entire effort futile. Sometimes even when the seed of thought to deviate from the timetable enters your mind, do not let it grow. Do not get yourself trapped in the manhole of hesitation. If you feel that a certain product is going against the rules of your timetable, learn to say ‘no’ to those demands.

The silver lining - At the end of the day, you will know the entire process is going to bring you a prolific result. When the weekends hit and you decide to step less in the expensive restaurants and save it for the future, you will know you are going to witness a silver lining. The drive to this achievement comes from a mindset that knows the secret path to the peak and the determination to see that silver lining lies within you.

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