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Intraday reports for Reliance Communications Ltd.(RCOM, 532712) Stock & Share Prices - April 16, 2018

Anumeya Mangat
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Updated at 01.04 PM

The current market price for Reliance Communications Ltd. was observed to be Rs. 21.2 which saw a decrease of 0.9 points from the day's opening price while a change of -1.1(-4.93%) points was also observed from the previous trade.
A total of 42,915,065 stocks were being traded according to our recent check.
The bid price was Rs. 21.15 and the offer price was Rs. 21.20 with the bid-ask spread being -0.05 points.
The traded stocks volume fell by 17 stocks while the volume weighted average price went down 0.2 points with respect to our last check.

Updated at 12.07 PM

After touching a high of Rs.22.45 and dropping as low as Rs.21.25 through the day, one stock of Reliance Communications Ltd. was observed to be priced at Rs.21.85.
With the volume weighted average price being Rs.21.92 , the total traded volume was observed to be 25,912,476 stocks.
The bid-ask spread was observed to be -0.1 points when the bid price was Rs.21.80 for 101446 stocks and the ask price was Rs.21.90 for 228694 stocks.

Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.03 AM

After closing at Rs. 22.30 yesterday, Reliance Communications Ltd. opened at Rs. 22.10 today.
In contrast to the previous day's opening price, today's opening price was observed to have decreased 0.25 points.
And adding to this, yesterday saw a day high of Rs. 22.75 and a day low of Rs. 22.10 .
With a change of -0.2(-0.9%) points from the previous trade, one stock of Reliance Communications Ltd. was observed to be priced at Rs. 22.1 as last checked on Apr 16, 09:57 A.M.
The volume weighted average price (vwap) was observed to be Rs. 22.02 while the bid-ask spread was recorded to be -0.05 points.
With this a price band of Rs. 20.10 - 24.50 was also provided by Reliance Communications Ltd. for the day.

Updated at 9.08 AM

The prices of Reliance Communications Ltd. touched a high of Rs. 22.75 which was 0.4 points more than the opening price after which it closed at Rs.22.30 yesterday.
Also, the lowest price which was Rs. 22.10 went 0.25 points lower than the opening price.
The last volume that was traded was of 41,870,420 stocks and by the end of the day, the 5 day, 10 day & 30 day average volumes were 80,156,462 , 91,198,325 and 85,069,164 respectively.
The 5 day average volume fell 47698689 stocks, 10 day average volume fell 2697119 stocks and 30 day average volume fell 2895337 stocks in contrast to the previous day’s values.

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