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  • Mon Mar 27,2017

With confidence and charisma, Zinia takes on the center stage

A job in entertainment industry comes with high-maintenance and a shelf life

  • With confidence and charisma, Zinia takes on the center stage

By OLM Desk

Money matters. Or does it really? Outlook Money brings to you this series through which we explored the under 35's take on money matters. Every generation has its share of distinct events that later gets recounted. Those from the early 1990s India had consumer durables as their object of desire. By the end of that decade and turn of the millennium, fancy cars had taken that place. Gen Z has grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations sharply different from previous generations. Demographically speaking, those under 25 comprise 50 million of India’s population. This is more than that of the total population of Brazil, Russia, Germany and Canada combined. Being personal finance specialists, it was only natural that we at Outlook Money got curious to investigate what Gen Z thinks about money.

It’s all about being loan free

Zinia’s passion for public speaking made her quit her job as a corporate trainer and venture into the more glamorous field of show business. Previously, she used to teach soft skills and behavioural skills to corporate companies but she found the classroom environment too confining. Having been in this industry for the past 2.5 years, she anchors live shows which include corporate and entertainment shows. The recent Outlook Money Awards was also hosted by her.

She considers money as the bottom line of everything in the world. To her having money is about being independent and not about amassing wealth. “It comes easily if you are willing to work for it,” she says. Her job as an emcee constantly takes her to luxurious hotels and venues that she does not desire for these kinds of luxuries anymore. She points out that her job is a high-maintenance one which requires her to spend a good sum of money in beauty salons maintaining her good looks.

Zinia finds her job dynamic. An established emcee would not have a dearth of gigs, but the pay varies event to event. However, 2016 has been an incredibly good year for her. 

Being in the show biz is not an easy profession. Her job necessitates her to constantly upgrade her wardrobe and so, she resorts to both buying and renting fancy clothes regularly.

She lives with her husband in their Bandra apartment. However, the one they have bought for themselves with help from their parents is at Andheri, where Zinia’s parents currently reside. “I believe that husband and wife should invest equally in making the finances of a house work,” she says. Both Zinia and her husband are frugal spenders and contribute to the finances equally.

She’s planning to buy another house in near future for investment sake. Also, she is considering buying a car soon. Zinia had previously taken a home loan which has now been completely repaid. Few months ago she started investing in Mutual funds. Apart from that, she has taken a life insurance. “My constant aspiration in life is to be loan free,” she says.

Like most millennials, she enjoys travelling. She’s travelled mostly in India and Asia and a trip to Greece and Europe is also on the cards. However, she feels there is much to see in India itself that she is yet to explore.

Zinia does realise that her profession gives her a shelf life. She is hopeful that she can work in the same field for another 15 years. That being said, her ultimate passion is public speaking. And that’s exactly where she sees herself in future when she is done with the showbiz altogether.