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  • Thu Jun 15,2017

File income tax through your mobile

Process of income tax e-filing to become easier and faster

  • File income tax through your mobile

By Anagh Pal

A mobile app launched by All India ITR (www.allindiaitr.com), a government authorised e-filing website, will make the process of income tax e-filing faster and easier for both individuals and businesses. The ‘Income Tax Return filing App by All India ITR’ is available for free download on Google Play store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

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Features offered: Apart from filing returns, the app willprovide users an option to check refund status, calculate income tax due, calculate HRA exemption and generate rent receipts. If one has any query, the person can also reach out to All India ITR through 24X7 chat and get assistance from a team of chartered accountants.  

Steps to filing taxes through the mobile app: Here are the steps to file your returns through the mobile app. The steps are same for Android and iOS.

  • Download App - Choose between Upload Form-16 (Self E-filing) and Submit Documents (tax Experts file for the client). For the latter, you have to choose a plan depending on your requirements.
  • Upload form 16 - Upload Form 16 (PDF). Enter PAN details and submit. The app will auto read Form 16.
  • Check details and enter any additional details - additional source of income, deductions etc.
  • Check computation
  • Make payment
  • Receive acknowledgement number
  • Submit Documents - View and choose plans
  • Make payment
  • Recommends documents to be uploaded
  • Upload documents
  • Put in your personal Information / Bank Account details

A team of experts take care of the rest.