Is there any penalty applicable for stopping or missing out on SIPs?

There are no penalties or charges in stopping or pausing SIPs by the AMC


Star Gazing

Higher the star rating, better the product is what the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), would like you to believe

Investment Ideas

IndusInd Bank’s Quality Curvature

An Edelweiss report indicates IndusInd Bank moving up the quality curve


On the House

Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to your house- insure it against risks to the structure & possessions inside

Investment Ideas

The Cement Booster

The Indian cement industry is in for good times on back of strong pricing and increasing profitability


How about Dhan ki Baat in Mann ki Baat?

Talking about financial awareness can result in a lot more people learning about the importance of money management


What is the significance of the double accident benefit?

In the event of accident of the insured the legal heirs would be paid a sum equal to double amount of sum insured

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GST increased Pharma Industry’s worries

It is not just the Trump effect that Indian Pharma industry has to grapple with; it has to face the GST test too


What is the right way to write a Will?

To make your Will stand up in case of a contest—it should be executed in accordance with applicable law


Old age poverty

The state of the 50 plus Indian is something to worry about. More so, if they haven’t planned their finances