Term insurance plans come with multiple add-ons to prepare for different life situations

Term insurance plans come with multiple add-ons to prepare for different life situations
Term insurance plans come with multiple add-ons to prepare for different life si
12 November 2021

Are there any benefits to having multiple term insurance policies?

Like most things in life, it's not good to be overkill. Therefore, it is not advisable to have too many term insurance policies. It must be needs-based!

Insurance awareness is growing rapidly nationwide as more individuals invest in term insurance to cover financial risks. Many individuals also purchase multiple term insurance policies. But is that correct? Do I need to have multiple term insurance policies?

There is no problem with taking out multiple term insurance policies. If you plan your finances correctly, you will end up with multiple term insurance policies.

Therefore, it is also not advisable to have too many term insurance plans. Must be needs-based. If you have a requirement, do it. The guidelines can even cause tracking problems. You also need to provide other policy details each time you get a policy. Failure to provide all the details may result in the death claim being denied.

Do you need more than one term of insurance?

Due to increased income and lifestyle, it is always recommended to take out term insurance and additional insurance to meet the family's needs. However, although it is possible to have more than one term insurance policy, it is entirely the policyholder's responsibility to determine the need and purchase of insurance. Insurance companies have specific underwriting guidelines depending on the insured's annual income, age, and ability to pay premiums. We recommend that you always cover up to the maximum eligibility limit.

As income grows over time, coverage needs to be expanded to suit the lifestyle and needs of the family. Given the size and needs of the family, one policy may not be sufficient to meet all needs. It is important to understand that younger age policyholder are entitled to a maximum insurance amount of up to 20 times the annual CTC and 10 -15 times the annual CTC for the elderly. It is always advisable to take out appropriate insurance up to the maximum insurance amount.

As you grow older, so does your financial responsibility. Choosing a single term insurance policy in your thirties and hoping for adequate coverage in your fifties may not be such a viable option. In addition, different term insurance plans have other purposes, and you can be sure to create multiple plans. However, all insurance policies must be managed with timely premiums to keep them valid.

Benefits of Multiple Term Insurance Plans

Revealing Past Policies

Experts view term insurance primarily as a hedging investment and risk mitigation tool. Therefore, it is considered your Plan B. However, there may be other benefits, such as mortgage collateral.

Yes, if you feel that you are out of insurance, you can always choose multiple term insurance policies, and you should always choose. Insurers must consider all term insurance coverage before issuing a plan, so be sure to disclose all information about your previous term insurance plan if you choose: You can also choose an insurance account to manage your policies better.

All-round coverage

Multiple term insurance policies provide optimal insurance coverage. If you have existing coverage that is not well covered, additional policies can help complement the existing coverage and provide full protection. Insurance is generally used as a "risk mitigation tool," and you can choose additional plans at any time until you have sufficient coverage.

However, it is advisable to choose high coverage when you are young to save on premium. This may not be feasible for everyone. Or there may be a lack of intent or consciousness. Later in the term, choosing a different term insurance policy for proper insurance can increase your income and financial liability and increase your insurance coverage.

Different plans to meet different needs

Different financial needs require different policies. For example, replenishing income requires a term plan, but a child's plan helps create a safe corpus for the child.

If you are looking for a return on investment, you can use ULIP for your investment, but retirement plans are useful for retirement planning. Because all types of term insurance policies can fund specific goals, multiple insurance policies can create a diverse portfolio that covers all financial needs.

Increased tax incentives

Term insurers are enjoying tax incentives. Premiums paid are allowed as deductions of up to 1.5 rupees. If you purchase multiple plans, the total premium will be higher, and you will be able to claim the maximum allowance for Section 80C. This also optimizes tax savings.

Having multiple term insurances can help in aiding in different life situations. Different term insurance plan caters to different benefits that appeal to different group of audience. Every add-on helps in improving the benefits of your term insurance.

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