Restaurants Adapt to New Normal with Smart Food Technology

Digital menu boards, hassle-free ordering, better working efficiency are a few benefits of using cloud technology

Restaurants Adapt to New Normal with Smart Food Technology
Yash Vyas 31 May 2021

Technology in restaurants has come a long way. From a simple cash register to a central point of control for all functioning, technology has made a quantum jump. In the restaurant area, there are multiple spaces where technology plays an important role, one of the most crucial ones being operations.

Now, let’s understand the fact that there are a lot of things that an owner must look into. The types of restaurant operations start from getting the high standard ingredient from the right vendor and ensuring that the kitchen never runs out of stock to check if all the employees are tirelessly performing their tasks.

How to Grasp Technology to Streamline Restaurant Operations

Technology streamlines your end-to-end restaurant operations and helps you deliver compatible customer service. The restaurant requires quality ingredients, with freshness and nutrition value being key desired attributes which in turn affects the quality of the dish which the chef is making. Indoor smart garden technology offers access of chefs to fresh and healthy ingredients which increases the overall quality of dishes served. Let us look at how using technology productively can help you in streamlining restaurant operations:

1. Hassle-Free Order Taking

You must maximise the growth of cloud technology to support your restaurant operations. A point of sale software that is browser-based and can work easily on any hardware such as a laptop, tablet, and even a smartphone enables hassle-free mobile ordering, table reservations, automatic loyalty rewards, and taking orders from outdoor diners. Various apps are creating the task of table reservations very easily for both the customers and the restaurants.

2. Improved Front-End Operations

There are a lot of daily tasks that need to be done on the front end to ensure that you have hassle-free operations in the day ahead. The several ways by which technology can smooth your front end restaurant operations are:

Technology can enable your restaurant staff to provide wonderful guest service. Based on the order history of the customer, the staff can advise and upsell items.

Self-ordering stands are making news nowadays that lets customers order food themselves without the help of a waiter.

Using digital menu boards is also an alluring way to display your food items quickly.

3. Greater Efficiency in Kitchen Operations

The food which is the soul of your restaurant is prepared in the backend. This raises the importance of having operations at the backend on the mark. The time consumed to prepare a dish, the inventory, the menu, the generation of kitchen waste, cleaning and hygiene, need to be checked frequently, and it will now be made easier with the help of technology.

A kitchen display system is an essential part of restaurant kitchen operations. The Kitchen Order Ticketing (KOT) goes to the separate food-prep station directly, and the approximate delivery time becomes more accurate. Proper communications improve the customer experience and reduce the scope of mistakes on the part of the kitchen staff.

Executive chefs or kitchen managers can easily make menus and generate food costs for standard or special-order items.

Keeping a check on inventory becomes simple with a restaurant management point of sale (POS). The software sends you real-time alerts whenever an item gets to its reorder level. This makes sure that you never order an item that is already available or your kitchen runs out of an essential item in a busy hour of the day.

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