How to Boost B2B Startups through Content Marketing

Creating relevant digital content attracts new customers and builds a strong audience base

How to Boost B2B Startups through Content Marketing
Maddie Amrutkar 17 May 2021

It has been calculated in recent studies that the emergence of content marketing has proved to be powerful in the marketplace. Startups have splashed into the market with the power of creating content strategies for new products and services. It is quite tough and challenging to set an identity of your own in the crowded tricky world of B2B, especially for startups. In B2B marketing, marketers require different but unique ideas and strategies to attract potential customers and convert them into possible leads and form a long-lasting relationship with them. So, here comes the role of content marketing which creates a major difference. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract potential customers and retain a defined audience base to drive profitable customer action through social and digital media channels. It engages blogs, articles, interesting visual content that provides informational or emotional values to readers or customers, which creates an impact on their minds.

Here is why content marketing is rising as a game-changer for B2B startups:-

Building a Reliable Brand Attracts Viewers:

A content marketing strategy works when B2B marketers adequately amplify their content by onboarding a strong network of contributors, bloggers, and experts. One needs to think that- “What attracts or engages a viewer or reader to a selected content material?” Content marketing includes techniques that find distinctive methods that speak about the challenges, concerns, and shiny spots. Informative, engaging, and value-driven content material not only helps to build an audience base but when shared broadly over social media, also generates a bigger dialogue on the topic. One should keep it in mind to make no mistake as this will attract numerous viewers to your potential site and likewise convert these leads into patrons.

Create a Solid Model:

Content marketing specialists focus more on the actions to have interaction with clients which is usually termed as customised content material. This customised content material delivers informative and valuable inputs similar to electronic mails, news, stories. Such things are carried out to make sure that organisations are speaking continuously with their customers and help to construct a powerful and solid model that creates an impact on viewers.

Establishing Customer Relationships through Loyalty:

The function is just not restricted to attract customers or viewers and increase the audience base, it is much more than this. To gain trust, build loyalty, the major function is to nurture customer satisfaction and establish a relationship with them that lasts long. Constructing a persistent relationship of belief and loyalty requires multi-dimensional efforts. For example, company expertise consists of delivering top-quality services or products and pays attention to customer's questions or problems, and are conscious of their wants. Their focus is more on building customer satisfaction with a long-lasting relation.

Approach Different Techniques:

A definite content material marketing technique works smoothly when constructed rightly. Startups focus more on creating authentic digital content that can be shared widely. Organising webinars on industry-related challenges, involving different industry consultants, and creating video tales, have emerged as feasible peer-to-peer marketing ways that have helped startups to broader their area.All these approaches have helped startups from mid-level gamers to become an industry voice.

So, these were the points that one should focus on while amplifying the business. 86 per cent of B2B marketers are using content marketing and 69 per cent of the marketers have a dedicated group for the same in their organisation and. If you are a startup and running B2B, I want you to know that you need content marketing as most of your competitors are already using it. Long-form content creates a huge difference for your product or service. Short-form content may look appealing because it’s easy to create and is cheap but it only drives a bit of engagement and clicks and your returns will be short-lived. On the other hand, in-depth content allows you to dive deeper into the topic providing you with descriptive information. Long-form content not only improves SEO but also increases the reach of your content over social media. It has been listed that in 2019, marketers who prioritized blogging as their content marketing approach received 13 times more ROI than companies that did not. Conversion rates are nearly 6 times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

Another way to do this is through content marketing statistics which will provide you with ways for solving the pain points of your target audience and generate leads. This will allow you to determine which techniques will work best for your business, customers, and leads. Blogging, content strategy, video, podcasts can bring maximum traffic to your website. Therefore, content marketing has already raised the stakes for startups and competition is getting much tougher. These are some viewpoints for developing startup strategies. Make sure they are aligned with current trends in order to be successful. Be ready to change this plan and adapt to changing circumstances because of the pandemic that has already affected the market and lifestyle in various ways.

The author is Founder and CEO of Glad U Came

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