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Managing Customer Experience

Managing Customer Experience

Managing customer experience is a core business imperative for achieving sustainable, valuable long term relationships with mutual fund investors for asset managers. We, as CAMS are a specialist investor service solutions partner to the industry and deliver customer experience via customised channels for service delivery aligned to preferred customer pathways based on deep knowledge of customer needs and services designed to fulfil customer needs.

The mutual fund industry in India has emerged to be well regulated, transparent, low cost investment solution, providing benefits of diversification, superior tax adjusted returns and world class service standards. Being a current generation product unlike banking and insurance, the asset management industry has to win the trust and confidence of investors to achieve sustained share of customer wallet.

Role of CAMS: CAMS, a specialist service partner to several fund houses, owns and executes services to over 2.8 crore live mutual fund accounts and has made significant investments in technology and infrastructure across investor service centres, multilingual call centres, email, web, WhatsApp services. The industry is seeing significant retail investor participation through systematic investment plans (SIPs) and CAMS services over 95 lakh SIP accounts.

Digitisation of mutual funds has grown over the recent years with increasing share of electronic transactions via portals, mobile apps, call centres and SMS powered by CAMS technology to offer seamless transaction experience to investors. New investors can indulge in paper-less, presence-less account opening with CAMS eKYC using Aadhaar verification. Digitisation encompasses automated, data driven real time work flows; visually intuitive interfaces to deliver superior customer experience.

As mutual fund investments are long term in nature, CAMS technology platforms, business processes and controls are designed to protect the interest of investors including special processes for managing dormant investor accounts, minor accounts and transmission of investments. Transaction alerts, services request alerts and confirmation of fulfilment are sent via SMS and emails to investors who have registered their email IDs and mobile phone numbers with CAMS.

While the mutual funds and RTAs have leveraged technology to offer innovative service to investors, mutual fund investments being fiduciary by nature, select processes such as nomination, transmission, will remain paper based as per current regulations, guidelines and industry best practices to protect customers.

N K Prasad
President & CEO, CAMS


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