Dental Insurance in India: A Quick Look

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Dental Insurance in India: A Quick Look
Subhash Nagpal - 28 May 2019

Several health insurance policies are available in India including specific ones like cancer insurance. However, the domain of dental and oral health is often neglected. It might come as a surprise, but dental disorders are on the rise in India with cavities and periodontal diseases being the most common.

Dental health is also associated with other health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and pregnancy. Due to high intake of tobacco products, India is often referred to as the oral cancer capital of the world.

The overall prevalence of dental cavities in India is 63.9%. It is higher in those who consume a mix diet (74.8%) intake of junk food, among girls (54%), and among the lower socio-economic class (41.7%). The prevalence of periodontal problems is about 16%.

The dental diseases can be a huge financial burden for many as treatment is quite expensive. Dental implants costs around Rs 1-1.5 lakh, facial cosmetic restoration cost about Rs 1.5-4 lakh, fillings cost about Rs 3000-6000 per tooth and root canal treatment ranges anywhere between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000.

According to a recent survey conducted on oral health and dental insurance awareness:

- Over 92% agreed upon that they would go for dental checkups and preventive treatment, if it is covered by insurance.

- 85% patients visiting private dental clinics were asked about the importance and use of dental insurance.

- Around 90% of those surveyed expressed interest in buying dental insurance.

- Not only a single patient had any dental insurance and most people were not aware about such insurance cover.

Benefits of Dental Insurance

However, opting for dental insurance can be of use as it can help a lot of people deal with the burden of dental treatment. In order to cover the cost incurred in any dental treatment or procedure, you may choose a health policy that offer cover for dental treatment expenses. Dental insurance covers expenses incurred in dental procedures or treatments such as diagnostic, preventive or curative that are supposed to be necessary by a dentist. You will not get an exclusive dental insurance plan, however under health policies you will be covered for unexpected dental expenses.

Coverage Available under Dental Insurance

Following are the dental procedures that are usually covered under a health plan

- Dental x-rays

- Routine examinations

- Tooth filling

- Tooth extractions

- Root canal procedures

- Follow-up treatments

The dental coverage available depends on the terms specified for a health plan and it may vary from one plan to another.

Dental Insurance Plans in India

If you don’t like to pay the huge dental expenses from your pocket, then it’s advisable to choose a dental insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s go through some of the best health plans that are offering dental cover in India.

- Bharti AXA Smart Health

Bharti AXA Smart Health Plan offers complete coverage against all medical expenses arising from in-patient hospitalisation. This plan also provides cover to tackle day to day medical expenses. The medical expenses incurred in Out-patient dental emergency treatment due to an accident are covered.

Note: The dental health plans mentioned above are not the exhaustive ones. You may refer other health plans as well to choose and pick dental insurance for you and your family.

- Apollo Munich Maxima Health Plan

Maxima Health Plan from Apollo Munich offers comprehensive in-patient hospitalisation cover plus out-patient coverage. With this health plan, you will be covered againstday-to-day health problems that don’t require hospitalization. This health plan provides an all-round health cover.

Under this health plan, you will get cover for Dental Treatment, Doctor’s Consultations, diagnostic tests, spectacles and contact lens as out-patient benefits. The expenses against these medical treatments/procedures are reimbursed up to actual expenses or sum insured mentioned whichever is lower.

- ICICI Pru Health Saver Plan

ICICI Pru Health Saver is a comprehensive health insurance policy that provides in-patient hospitalisation cover for you and your family. It also reimburses all other medical expenses including dental care, diabetes, pregnancy and preventive diagnostic screening.

Under Health Savings Benefit, this health plan reimburses the dental care expenses. You can claim for reimbursement of these expenses on providing the actual bills.

Note: The dental health plans mentioned above are not the exhaustive ones. You may refer other health plans as well to choose and pick dental insurance for you and your family.

The author is the CEO and Founder, Comparepolicy.com

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