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Pays to be selective: Kotak Select Focus

Pays to be selective: Kotak Select Focus

This fund invests in few select sectors, but still maintains diversification. It scores with its track record of tiding over volatile market phase, making it a preferred choice for investors looking for a stable performing fund. A hallmark of the fund is its ability to do better than its benchmark every year since its launch in 2009. The outperformance is significant with the fund beating the benchmark by a significant margin regularly.

The focused bets on sectors based on the macroeconomic developments based stock selection to support the manager’s conviction, which is reflected in both the stocks and sectors it is focusing on and the returns it has earned. Although the fund is yet to pass the test of managing market downsides, it has done well in short bearish phases since its launch by losing less than its benchmark in 2011. This fund is a good choice for investors seeking low volatility.

Launch Date: August 20, 2009
Fund Manager: Harsha Upadhyaya
Benchmark: Nifty 200 Index
Expense ratio: 1.97


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