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The Prima Donna of Data
Sampurna Majumder - 12 March 2020

Meghna Suryakumar is the Founder & CEO of Crediwatch a ‘Data Insights-as-a-service’ company that provides lenders, businesses with actionable credit intelligence on private entities they need to improve trust and increase their lending and trading activity.

Crediwatch does this with no human intervention by deploying the latest practical AI and technology tools that provide the most reliable comprehensive real time inputs. Prior to starting Crediwatch, Suryakumar practised law and had her own international law practice based in New York and India. She is an alumnus of Columbia Law School and has a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Stanford Business School. Her prior experience of finding alternate sources of data to find risk information on M&A targets led her to starting Crediwatch. At Crediwatch, she seeks to realise her passion for solving large complex problems by using technologies such as AI and ML to provide a dynamic “Trust Score” on the unbanked SME, an untapped opportunity worth billions of dollars.

Suryakumar’s hard  work has paid off and yielded half-a-dozen recognition for her including Medici list of Wonder Women in Fintech, 2019 and top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Making Waves in Fintech. 

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