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Sampurna Majumder - 17 October 2019

It has been more than nine years now that I have been working. While in my initial years I was not too much into financial investment, over time I have started taking it seriously and nowadays invest across various tools, including traditional as well as modern investment tools.

My first memory of financial investment dates back to the early months of 2012. I had already completed more than a year of my work life, and was working with an American IT company, securing a decent pay package. But, I was quite reckless in terms of savings and never really cared about making financial investments.

However, gradually the realisation dawned that investments are a necessity in order to secure my future and ensure a smooth retired life; all the more because the private sector did not guarantee any kind of pension.

It was this very thought that urged me to open my first ever fixed deposit account. The amount was Rs25,000 and the tenure only 45 days. With a rate of interest slated just at five per cent, the interest amounted only to Rs145. However, this gave me a sense of security and gradually I also got into the habit of regular savings. Slowly, but steadily I have diversified my investments across various instruments.

It has been nearly six years I have been investing in mutual funds systematic investment plans (SIPs). I must say, that my experience has been quite good for these tools as returns are way higher than traditional ones like FDs and recurring deposit accounts.

Also, to invest in FDs, a much higher amount is required whereas one can start an SIP for an amount as low as Rs500. The amount can be increased as per availability of liquid cash. This brings in more flexibility for the investor and this is what I love the most!

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